“Don’t Call Me That!”

Don’t call me a Republican, Democrat or a Liberal! 


Personally, I’m not lock step with anyone and I don’t need talking points or sound bites…I want substance. Since, I’m not shallow, I prefer to think of myself as a “Progressive Independent’ thanks to transformative learning.

Here’s a definition of transformative learning. I found this through J. Mezirow: Transformative learning (or transformational learning) is a process of getting beyond gaining factual knowledge alone to instead become changed by what one learns in some meaningful way. It involves questioning assumptions, beliefs and values, and considering multiple points of view, while always seeking to verify reasoning.



This Progressive Independent is fully supportive of President Barack Obama.


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  1. Nice way to put it.

  2. Progressive Independent… has a nice sound to it.

  3. You should check out eastsideinstitute.org. We TEACH transformative learning, except we call it something else. Also check out performingtheworld.org. Performance activists and generally amazing people from all over the world attend this international developmental performance conference. I think it would be right up your alley!

  4. I like that “Progressive Independent” I’m going to start using that.

    Senator Barack Obama has my vote.

  5. I like this–transformative learning.

  6. hi michelle
    blogrolling you !! you have a nice blog here. and thannks for stopping and those words.

  7. How do you square the contradictions of being Christian with being liberal. Ie pro chice, pro gay agenda of Obama.

  8. I am registered Republican, have voted Republican in every election since Reagan, and admire many of the principles of the Republican party and chief among them it’s opposition to abortion. So, I wouldn’t back away at all from Republican ideals, but …

    that said, I am weary of labels. Labels obscure the common interests of people. Who favors polluted water? Who among Americans is a champion of war? Who wants their children to receive a poor education?

    Certain questions of public policy have a common purpose that is naturally present, and the labeling of people is not only mean-spirited — it’s obstructionist. If I insist upon my belief in individual freedom to the extent of accusing Democrats of being against it — how likely am I going to be persuasive when I ask fellow citizens to fight, say, the Fairness Doctrine?

    If I assert what I know to be true — that you want the freedom to express your ideas — and then I tell you that the Fairness Doctrine will infringe my right to express mine — I take the first step in making a connection. If I can put you in my place, help you see life from my perspective ….

    That’s just an example. But the point is that no one wins the support of others by deriding them in stereotypes. And we cheat ourselves when we indulge stereotypes (mea culpa too) because we miss out on the chance to really see life in its breadth and richness.

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