Posted by: michelle2005 | August 8, 2009

“Jenny! Did You Do This?!”

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Those of you that have been following this site for a while now, know that we have a very “active” little Sheltie.   Her name is Jenny.  I have done numerous posts regarding her many antics.   She constantly has hubby and I laughing so hard our sides hurt.

However, lately she has added some new antics to her repertoire of her many unusual abilities.  Let me explain to you what happened sometime during the night.

Usually after dinner…or even just sitting at the table, we make sure all chairs are pushed in.  We do this, as we have caught her jump up onto a chair and grab something off the table.   Usually if she does this, she will take her “prize” and run under the table where we can’t get to her.  She makes a game out of it!

jenny and toilet enlarged

She is especially close to my hubby.  When he leaves for work, she will take a few morsels of her food and put it onto the top of his toilet seat…along with one of her “babies” (stuffed toy)   We have even caught her laying in his bath tub but always with some of her “babies” and once in a while with towel that she has pulled off the towel rack.

Jenny in Bath Tub

She has learned how to push the door to his bathroom open…unless we make sure it is securely shut!  Evidently, last night it was not securely shut…

This morning we discovered an empty bag, one of my socks, one of hubby’s shirts (that had been hanging on the back of the bathroom door), and a towel…all bunched up on the rug in front of his bathtub.

The (now) empty bag had been on our table and contained an Apple Fritter.   Seeing this empty bag in the bathroom, let me know that one of us had forgotten to push all the chairs in properly.

apple fritter

When we made this discovery, we called her to us.  Hubby held up the empty bag and said “Jenny, did you do this?!” She immediately put her ears back and ran under the table.

She is always quick to make amends and brought Hubby a toy to play.  It’s her way to make up for her misdeed!   It amazes me at all her unusual abilities.  I am so happy that we have been blessed with her… she brings constant joy to our lives.

To those of you desiring some good laughs…take a look through my archives and read some of the many posts I’ve done regarding our beautiful little Jenny.

Jenny and JoLee canvas added

My best friend is Jenny’s veterinarian.  On each visit to see her…Jenny, of course, needs to take one of her “babies” so they can play.  Before the examination takes place, there are a few moments spent playing.  The next thing that is noticeable is laughter that you can hear all the way out into the waiting room!

Michelle (Jenny’s Mom)



  1. The things you write about your dog is hysterical. One of my favorites was the one about her in the pepsi box. OMG. I printed that out and put it in our lunch room at work. I think just about everyone had read it by the end of the day.

    The political stuff you write usually causes arguments among many of the workers here. Sometimes I think if people would just pay attention rather than talk so much they might learn something.

    I hope you don’t mind but I copied this post and sent it to my mother. She lives in Idaho and we’re in Georgia.

    Thank you for your kind words regarding this post. I hope your Mother, too, gets a good chuckle out of it. Our little Jenny certainly keeps us both on our toes (and hers!)

    Kindest Regards,


  2. I laffed my a$$ off reading this. The things you write about, whether they are serious or funny have proven to be some of the best written on the entire Word Press site.

    You’ve spoken many times about your husband in some of your posts. If your as funny at home as you appear to be when you write, you must have him in stitches laffing his a@@ off, too.

    You’re right…there is a lot of laughing within our home. Hubby and I work as a team in just about everything. Yet, he’s the one (while cooking)that drops things on Jenny’s back. She stands as close to him as she can while he’s in the kitchen.

    Thanks for taking the time again to stop by my site and leaving such a gracious comment. I hope you continue to visit often 🙂

    Kindest Regards,


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