Posted by: michelle2005 | July 8, 2009

Gov. Palin Goes Fishin’ (For an Explanation)

sarah palin fishing

Here’s more on Sarah Palin according to the Anchorage Daily News, yesterday the Governor explained to the media why she resigned:

“The governor repeatedly returned to the subject of ethics complaints filed against her during her 10-minute interview with the Daily News, saying she spent “most of my day, and my staff, most of their day and the department of law, a lot of their day on the frivolity.”

There have been 18 known ethics complaints filed against her. The governor’s office said they’ve been dismissed so far with no finding of wrongdoing, although she did settle a complaint over state-paid travel for her children.

The state personnel board put its cost of dealing with the complaints at about $300,000 — around two-thirds of which was in addressing the “Troopergate” issue last fall. Palin herself initiated the personnel board investigation on “Troopergate,” saying that the state Legislature’s investigation of the matter was politicized and she was seeking the appropriate venue to deal with it.

Palin said Monday she didn’t view the cost as just the $300,000 for the personnel board — but rather $2 million for the state. It is a figure her administration now uses — not meant to be actual checks written by the state but to also reflect time of state employees.

It is a per-hour calculation that the Palin administration put together, involving time spent by state lawyers deciding which public information to release as a result of all public records requests, time spent by governor’s office staffers responding to media inquiries about ethics complaints, and time technicians spend on retrieving requested e-mail, among other things.”

“Palin, asked why she allowed the ethics complaints to consume her so much, said she did not take the complaints personally, and that for her it was about state resources being spent on attacks that followed her run last fall as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

“That huge waste that we have seen with the countless, countless hours that state staff is spending on these frivolous ethics violations and the millions of dollars that Alaskans are spending, that money not going to things that are very important, like troopers and roads and teachers and fish research,” Palin said.”

So if I have this straight Gov Sarah Palin is complaining about costs that she herself incurred.   These costs involved spending time determining how to fight off requests for records and emails in addition to her decision to have the personnel board investigate her involvement with the Troopergate when the legislature was already spending time and money on said investigation.  In other words, her administration’s lack of transparency and attempts at stonewalling led to her administration being paralyzed.

I would remind Gov. Palin that President William Clinton had to deal with constant requests of his time and the time of his staff during the Starr Investigation impeachment hearing and senate actions, and his administration still stood in and did their duty to the country.

Governor Palin further elaborated on her perceived treatment in the media:

“The double standard that’s applied here is a bit perplexing. … Didn’t Lisa Murkowski leave office to go take her dad’s seat? (Govs.) Huntsman left, Napolitano just left … ,” Palin said, referring to governors who took positions in President Obama’s administration.”

For Palin to compare her stepping down to the actions of others who stepped down because of an appointment to higher office is ludicrous.  She has not decided to step down to take on additional duties she had stepped down because she does not know how to handle adversity.  The requests that her administration had to deal with were no more onerous than that of other politicians.  Governor Palin before entering the national scene as John McCain’s running mate had only to contend with local issues close to Alaska.   Closer scrutiny during a national election should have been expected.  Frankly, the Troopergate investigation was already underway before Sen. McCain picked Sarah Palin.

During the fall campaign, information became known about charges that the fiscally conservative Governor made to her state for the expenses of her family.  In addition, she and her staff had bypassed proper use of government email by using personal email for government business to conceal communications from the public.

The expenses that she says the state incurred are of her own doing.  Did she really think that she could return to Alaska and everything that was discovered during the fall would just melt away?  If she wants to talk about the politics of personal destruction, she should look no further than herself when she accused then candidate Barack Obama of “palling around with terrorists”

Other more personal details of her life became known when she decided to introduce her family and brought her children onto the national stage.  She champions conservative values for the public to emulate, and then her own family proves that it is only human.  It is ok to be human just do not spend your time telling others that they have to be superhuman to represent Americans.  Request for information and ethics complaints are to be expected just ask President Clinton or former Gov. Mike Huckabee, who pointed out as much on Sunday.

Gov. Palin claims that she is answering to a higher calling. What in her mind could not wait until after she fulfilled her commitment to the people of Alaska? She indicated that she would campaign for other like-minded candidates, that’s a lot easier than governing a state.  All she needs to do now is repeat platitudes.




  1. I’ve been reading your thoughts for a few weeks now and have come to the conclusion that you’re just another liberal nut case. You must have too much time on your hands to pick at Governor Palin the way you do. Obama has no experience so I guess you liberals have to blame somebody for the lack of real change. Look around yourself and try joining the real world.

    ***Your lack of knowledge is glaring. Obviously, there is nothing anyone could say to encourage you to learn more of which you speak since you believe you already know it all.***

  2. Troy,

    Open your eyes and see the world. It is not just about limited government (read money, money money), family values, and national defense. There is far more to governing.
    It’s not experience that people notice,
    it’s leadership. Where is the leadership in an executive official
    resigning, due to too many ethics complaints?

    Finally, have you ever,personally, listened to Gov. Palin speak? Is that really the type of leader you want, or are you just one to back every right wing candidate against the slings and arrows of their own misforfune?

    Your use of the label “Liberal Nut Case” clearly indicates that you think lock step with the rest of the right.

    I respect your opinion, why should you disrespect Michelle’s just because she points out flaws in your prefered candidates, she does not label you a nut case.


    Thank you for a well reasoned reply to the comment by Troy. I also appreciate you taking the time to read the posts I write and your contributions to the replies I receive.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Hold up Troy. I’ve been called many things on my blog by people just like you who believe that their way is the only way, the truth of the right. Even when asked easy question people just like yourself can not answer them, just attack, attack, attack.

    Don’t get upset because the Republican party is eating itself and your so-called superhero Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford, or John Ensign or Newt Gingrich or David Vitter or Michael Steele or Rush Limbaugh, just name one is destroying the party. Just because Sarah Palin couldn’t even finish her 1st term and REPUBLICANS in addition to Democrats are questioning her decision. Instead of attacking Michelle with silly names do something constructive and help your dying party.

    Hal said it right. Listen, consider what you’re doing when you mindlessly repeat the misrepresentations and lies found on FOX News and other Right-Wing Media Outlets. If this what the last thing you had to say, just think about what it says about who you are. Reconsider your ways and consider others even if you do not understand or disagree with them. See it from their point of view instead of the selfishness of your own, perhaps then you’ll realize who’s the real nut case.

  4. One more thing Michelle.

    Excellent Post.

    Troy just reminds me of the guys who has nothing good to say about anything at anytime. So excuse me for responding as if it was a comment on my own blog, but when someone is attacking someone unfairly I must say something.

    Too often people such as Troy don’t realize what it is they’re doing. They will only seek confrontation instead of consideration.

    Once again excellent post.

  5. i won’t even comment on “troy”s response, i think my fellow commenters did the job quite well.

    i agree with your opinion on the matter. i also wonder what the true stimulus was though for her stepping down. im a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and i truly do NOT believe she would step down as governor just bc ethics complaints are juicing state money. no flipping way. i think she has something special in the works, or somebody influenced her to step down – maybe a little blackmail even? who knows.

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