Posted by: michelle2005 | June 27, 2009

A Bit of the USA While in Romania

michael jackson bucharest

Most of you that have been reading the things I write already know that I spent much time working overseas.  I was having a particularly difficult time during the summer and fall of 1992 in Romania.  Working as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator and Educator for First Responders meant that I never had a day off.

You can imagine my surprise when I learned that Michael Jackson was going to be giving a concert in, of all places…ROMANIA!  Just the thought that I could have a bit of home while working so far away was wonderful.  Most folks that knew me were astonished that I liked his music.  After all…I was told it was “music of the devil”.  I was even told that I would go to hell for listening.

I could have cared less what anyone thought and made the decision to attend the concert that was going to take place in Bucharest (October 1992).  My only concern was whether or not I could get back to Bucharest from the remote location I was currently working.

It all worked out perfectly and the concert is one I’ll forever remember.  So, to those of you that have already asked me if I was a fan of Michael Jackson the answer is most definitely YES!  The concert was held at the “Complexul National Stadium” in Bucharest.

All of those that felt the same way will understand how his premature death affected me.  Time is short…we have no guarantees.  If you need to make some changes…do it now.  There may not be a tomorrow.




  1. *wipes away tears* Well said, Michelle.

  2. “Time is short…we have no guarantees” I definitely agree. I just wrote a similar blog today. Great post

  3. I concur with the previous two comments. Plus … whenever unexpected tragedy happens, whether one focuses on a positive or a negative event is a matter of perspective … although I, like you, are on the positive side.

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