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I have thought long and hard about populist uprisings, how people are lead into a battle by those charismatic few who can crystallize a movement. Think about the power of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, about the Chicago Seven and the Vietnam anti-war movement, Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abjug of the Equal Rights Amendment. These movements were not bankrolled with money from lobbyists, or ideologists who had one goal getting like party members elected. These true grassroots movements were begun to right an injustice.

None of the aforementioned groups had access to news media, such as we have seen with the TEA Party movement. Fox News and the American Family Radio network, the former of the “fair and balanced” variety, the latter as always telling its listeners the “truth”, have crossed the line from reporting the news to becoming the news. Each network has openly incited listeners to attend rallies, and have directed their audience to websites where information can be found to organize and even how to put together signs for protesters. Can you imagine if Walter Cronkite, Edgar R Murrow, or today’s Brian Williams or Charles Gibson had openly stated a position and directed their audience members to such blatant violations of Journalistic Integrity? Now I expect this type of cheerleading from Rush Limbaugh, he is commentator, not a news anchor, but the 24/7 constant pounding of this TEA party day by “news” programs leave one wondering about the state of journalism today. I am not saying the journalists do not have an ideology, they do, but Brit Hume when he was with ABC news never sounded so partisan.


Yesterday we were told that a new grass roots swelling was upon us. In my most recent post “Mad Hatter’s TEA Party”, I noted as others have, that powerful organizations with extremely wealthy benefactors are highly involved with this process. Conservative radio and television programs have endlessly advertised, advocated and some would say agitated a crowd into believing that their freedom has been greatly threatened by decisions of democratically elected members of our government.

These elected leaders are bound by our constitution to operate in a manner consistent with safeguarding our freedom and liberty. Where there is a violation of constitutional law there are three branches of government to address breaches. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches are charged with protecting our country. These three branches of government have always allowed for the continuance of our great country. For the most part, the freedoms and liberty we enjoy have been undisturbed since the founding of our nation. How then is it possible that the decisions of the present government in less than one hundred days have so greatly managed to shake the very bedrock foundation our forefathers carefully and deliberately put into place? The answer to that those seeking one for my rhetorical interrogative is that they can’t!



Here are the tips provided to would-be TEA party attendees on how to make a protest sign, this is directly from the Freedom Works website. I personally like #7 but you may have your own favorite. When all else fails the one with the loudest voice wins, or so they would have you believe. Try reading these tips while thinking of Fred Roger’s voice or maybe Elmo from Seasame Street, (e.g. I like to use mostly black it’s easiest to read.)

Sign Making Tips:

1. large pieces of white poster board or foam board. Colored pieces make text harder to read.

2. Decide on a slogan. Try to stick to short phrases. Avoid obscure references and the funnier the better – those will be memorable.

3. Sketch out the slogan in pencil – make sure the letters are large enough to read, your text should use the entire space.

4. Slogans should be written in a combination of upper and lower case letters – all caps are hard to read. Use them sparingly for emphasis.

5. Using broad-tipped markers, write your slogan in broad letters. Sometimes it helps to write it first and then go over it again to make it thicker. It’s okay if it looks homemade – that’s because it is. I like to use mostly black – it’s easiest to read.

6. Underline, bold, or use another color for words you want to stand out.

7. If you know someone who is good at writing in block letters and if you know you aren’t good at it then leave it to them. They will probably make great signs instinctively and you can focus on signing people up and shouting.

8. Sometimes, if there is a picture or image that helps your argument, you can use it on your sign. Just make sure it is large enough to see from a distance and fairly simple so that it doesn’t Obscure your words. But don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it – the words are the most important thing.

9. Make sure that every sign has the name and website of your organization or event so that people walking by know where to get more information and who you are with.

10. Have fun and be creative. Send pictures to FreedomWorks.

Sign Slogans:

Freedom Works

You can’t spend your way out of debt.

The government’s dumb, the market’s rational.

Yes we can – stop the bailouts!

Money doesn’t grow on trees, some of us work for it.

Bailouts + Debt = fiscal child abuse

Stop Spending, Start Cutting

Why don’t you cut my taxes instead?

Promote responsibility, no more bailouts!

Let the markets work

Stop rewarding failure.

Save the children – stop spending their money

Give me liberty or give me debt.

Who will bail out the government?

I will not pay for someone else’s house.

I don’t want your debt.

Stop punishing success.

You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it.

Redistribution just means less for everyone.


Your pork broke my piggy bank

We the people want our money back

Socialism – not the change we need!

No bailouts.

Freedom works – Bailouts Hurt

Freedom – A stimulus we can afford

Let the Failures Fail

From each according to the IRS….to Pelosi, Reid, and ACORN.

You have run out of our money!

Pathologically unable to accept responsibility

We hope Obama will change

Economic freedom is freedom

Hey Congress – You work for us!

We the People _______________

Stand up for liberty

Time for another tea party

All I have left is Change

I won’t loan my kids money, don’t borrow from my grandkids

“It is the people to whom all authority belongs” – Thomas Jefferson

Don’t Tread on Me

Any short quote from a founder

Let me off the OmniBus

I’m not stimulated

Bernie Madoff with billions, Obama “made off” with TRILLIONS! Both are CROOKS!

Liberty Tree, not Money Tree

You want your job back ? Sit down, hush up and LISTEN !!

We made the mistake of voting you in – We won’t be folled again!

Our POOR kids!

Down with the Spending

This time we really need change!

We’re Asking Honest Questions – We Deserve Honest Answers

You’re Taxing Us to Death

We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore

Stop Playing with our Lives and Freedom

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

It’s All About the Constitution (Stupid)]

We’re Passionate About Our Country – Stop Destroying It!

Don’t Trash our Constitution

Stop Spending our Great-Grandchildrens’ Future

We Must ALL Live Within Our Means – That Includes the Govt.

Politicians: No More Lies, No More Games, No More Earmarks

Politicians are Our Employees – Let’s Fire The Rotten Ones

Stop Gambling with Our Future

Our Gov’t. Leaders are Out of Control

The Silent Majority is Silent No Longer

Don’t Make Us Pay for Your Mistakes

Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior

No More Bailouts

Stop Ignoring Us – We The People

Individual Responsibility

Limited Government

Quit Printing Money

America Uses “Monopoly” Money

I.O. U. – Forever

No Globalism


Common Sense

WE THE PEOPLE – Are Mad as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore

No Socialism (Socialism in a circle with a slash through it)

No Big Gov’t. (same as above)

No – Enslave Our Kids (same as above)

No – Privileged Class (same as above)

You Work for Me – I Demand Accountability

Government Bailouts = Ponzi Scheme

Pitch Them Out (with Picture of Pitchfork)

To make these signs, it appears that crayons would work best!





  1. I laughed until I cried. I have a fourth grader and this is something children that age would do. It’s outrageously funny to think that adults would stoop to such levels. Great post!

  2. Wow. This is a great and funny post. Don’t forget that today is Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Day. I posted a post in remembrance. 🙂

  3. Why do I laugh when I read your blog? I loved ‘crayons work best’. Thanks Michelle. 🙂

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