Posted by: michelle2005 | April 5, 2009

She is Still…”Just Jenny”


Most of you know by now that Jenny is our little Sheltie.  I’ve written numerous posts regarding her many antics.  The most recent post I did was titled “The Scent of Dog and Garlic Do Not Mix!” (03-13-09)  I received many emails asking me to do more posts like that one.


Well, I must say…living with Jenny means there is never a shortage of things to write.  She is constantly keeping me on both my toes and hers.  The latest of her antics is regarding a squirrel and Jenny’s bottom teeth.  Let me explain….


Jenny thinks it’s her job to chase every squirrel she sees.  However, the beginning of last week there was a bit of a problem.

Just as a squirrel took a leap up the trunk of the tree, Jenny caught a few of it’s tail hairs in her teeth.  She immediately came over to where I was sitting.  She was ‘pawing’ at her mouth and then rubbing it on the ground as if she had something in it.  To my chagrin I noticed that she had numerous squirrel hairs lodged securely between her bottom teeth.

I tried pulling them out with my fingers…no success.  Next I got some needle nose pliers…no success.  Then I tried flossing her bottom teeth.  Not only was it no success…but it was like fighting an alligator for her to let me try to floss her bottom teeth.  They were too close together…

The only other thing I could think of was to call her veterinarian (she is also my best friend).  Reluctantly, I called the office.  The receptionist answered the phone.  She asked what the problem was…I explained that Jenny had squirrel hair caught between her bottom teeth and I could not get it out.

Dead silence on the other end of the phone…next she asked me to repeat what I just said.  So, I repeated it.  Then I heard uproarious laughter on the other end.  This receptionist had put me on “speaker phone” so the entire office could hear what I had just said.  Now, they all knew that my beautiful little Jenny had squirrel hair securely lodged between her bottom teeth.

Jenny’s bottom teeth are all so close together that I could not get the floss properly where it needed to be.  Their solution…use eyebrow tweezers. BINGO!  The eyebrow tweezers worked perfectly and before too long Jenny was free of the squirrel hair between her bottom teeth.


One of the photos with Jenny that drew the most emails, I did a complete post.  It is titled…”Why is She in A “PEPSI” Box!?” (10/29/08)  Another time Jenny tried her paws at surgery that post is titled “The Dog Did It” (11/28/08)

One post that the sports fans liked is titled “NFL Infractions”…Dogs Behaving Badly (01/09/09)


The beautiful bird above (Robin) is our state bird.  We have seen dozens of them in our yard.  Jenny likes to sit and stare at them…however, when she sees a group of them gathered in one spot…she thinks it’s her job to “inform” me that there are intruders in our yard.  So, she begins barking and then curiously watches the sky in the direction they begin flying.  She doesn’t understand why they just don’t run up the trees like the squirrels.


Kindest Regards,

Jenny’s Mom



  1. Oh, how I love hearing about Jenny. I just did a blog about my kids (puppies) too!

  2. Every day is a new story, when you live with a dog or 2, or 4!!!! LOL Too funny!!!

  3. I googled images for a robin and your page came up. I borrowed your image and linked back to you giving you credit. It is a beautiful picture. If you’d rather I didn’t use it, let me know and I’ll remove it.


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