Posted by: michelle2005 | March 25, 2009

“The NRO”…Out of Whack!


What is wrong with the National Review Online this week?  In one article, Mark Steyn criticizes Americans for foolishly following President Barack Obama, since we hardly know him. Mr. Steyn questions President Obama’s compassion, while he himself employs a derogatory choice of words in an attempt to be ironic. By the way, the article Mr. Steyn wrote was about the supposed hypocrisy of the Obama administration over the AIG bailout. Remember when President Obama addressed the need to end childish things; he was speaking about the way pundits like to play in the mud.




In another article Kathryn Jean Lopez, makes the claim that today’s youth are confused as to the role of males in society. To make this statement she has sited a recent public case of domestic violence. She then blames apparent youth confusion as to who is the victim on the feminist agenda of former Equal Rights Amendment supporters.  Wow talk about the law of unintended consequences!  I really doubt that anyone believes that gender confusion issues, leads one to think the woman deserved being beaten.  Let me reiterate my belief, very rarely is violence to ever be condoned in domestic society with the possible exception of self-defense.




Mr. Steyn even speculates that because of a gaffe the President made on Jay Leno’s tonight show appearance, we can not be certain the level of compassion our President has for Americans.  However, most astounding of all Mr. Steyn closes  his second paragraph with the following “And besides anyone who says the president shouldn’t be doing crip jokes is a racist.”  Mr Steyn’s attempt to be ironic falls, in the face of his own insensitivity to Americans with disabilities.  President Obama referred to his bowling skill being the equivalent of the Special Olympics.  He quickly apologized before the press had even broken the story.  The head of the Special Olympics immediately accepted his words of contrition.




Mr. Steyn by contrast has fallen into the “he used it so therefore I can use it too” philosophy of anti-political correctness.   Apparently, Mr., Steyn needs to be more respectful of those who have through birth, accident or illness have found themselves in need of more compassion and understanding.  Certainly, these people need more respect than using a term that subjugates them.  If I have mischaracterized Mark Steyn please accept my apologies.   I am only employing his same logic he used in trying to mischaracterize President Obama. More importantly, we should remember that it is really, what is inside that counts.  You cannot measure the size of a man’s heart.


Photo above:  Stephen Hawking…British Theoretical Physicist

Kathryn Jean Lopez would have us view her as a modern day Phyllis Schlafely.  This modern self-made conservative woman has a few things to learn about our past and most recent history.  First, she made the dubious claim that feminists have “invented oppression where there is none”… Really, has she not seen the scars on the women who present to the emergency departments across America?





She closes her latest writing today with a remark that Kathleen Parker’s book Save the Males needs a sequel titled: “A Woman’s Memo to Her Sister Feminists: Lets Call the Whole Thing Off”.  The self-styled K-lo apparently does not realize the trailblazing efforts that such luminaries as Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan provided for her.  Does she sincerely not realize that when these women were working to better their cause women were not prominently showcased in conservative periodicals?  





Of course, Kathryn Jean Lopez can sit safely within her ivory tower of journalism.  She is safely ensconced in the cocoon of the right wing echo chamber.  To ask a question of whether feminism influences today’s youth, a sub-culture that objectifies women by calling them ho’s and bitches is beyond compare.  Amazing where did K-lo develop her incredible logical reasoning? To Kathryn Jean Lopez, it is enough to reach back into the past to find blame for the ills of today’s society.    It would be as if I decided that any one of a number of conservative politicians from the sixties were responsible for recent violence in churches and schools.  If you do not agree with one’s politics, at least have the courage to learn about them before you open your mouth.          


To Kathryn Jean Lopez the latest public report of “alleged” domestic violence is simply a matter of common sense.  “I appreciate the kids’ wanting Rihanna to take some responsibility for her situation.  She’s an adult, after all , as is Brown (Chris).  And if she gets beaten, she should get the heck away from the person responsible.  And as a best-selling artist, she has the financial freedom to extricate herself from her trouble. But where’s the outrage over what Brown is accused of doing?  There’s something off when so many people blame the victim, not the aggressor. 



This is almost laughable if not for the seriousness of the situation.  Remember these words so that you can recite them the next time you are violently abused “If you are beaten…get the heck away from the person.”   Wow, if only it were that simple. The statistics involving domestic abuse warrants enrolling Kathryn Jean Lopez in a sensitivity training course.  Perhaps spending a week at the local women’s shelter would help.




K-Lo feigns outrage at the abuse and the public’s lack of appreciation while displaying a total disregard for the complexities of leaving an abusive relationship. The average woman who manages to leave an abusive relationship returns repeatedly to that relationship before making the final break. Abuse crosses all lines of social stratification; maybe Kathryn Jean never heard Tina Turner’s abuse at the hands of her husband Ike.  From my own life, I was caught in the trap of the cycle of violence for over two decades.  I do not appreciate any writer trivializing the plight in which I was trapped and the plight of other women to score political points.       






  1. Thanks for reinforcing why I don’t read the National Review.

    I laughed when I read your comment. I’m not too keen on reading it either, however, as a freelance writer I need to obtain information from a multitude of media sources.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.



  2. Your line about the childish things of which our president evoked on inauguration day hit the nail on the head. I have heard from many conservatives that their role as the loyal opposition is not childish. What they have failed to comprehend is that President Obama was not talking about legitimate political discourse. The childishness of which he was referring is the endless petty nonsense. Questioning everything from a comment about lipstick on a pig, to his use of a teleprompter is sophomoric.

    Listening to these people would lead us to believe that we have the luxury of criticizing the man who has been “taxed” with the job of resurrecting our economy and our standing in the world. I do not think that we can be so cavalier as to ridicule our leaders without noting the consequences of our behavior.

    There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but like Will Smith told the bachelor in the movie hitch you got to come towards me a little bit. Otherwise, it is just obstructionism designed to win re-election. Elections are slightly less than two years away. My question to those who wish for the president to fail is what happens then.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for leaving such an excellent comment. Your input on the posts I write are always welcome and appreciated.


  3. Michelle, just keep telling it like it is. Thank you.

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