Posted by: michelle2005 | March 15, 2009

“The Scent of Garlic and Dog Do NOT Mix”


As you can see, we have a beautiful little Shetland Sheepdog (“Sheltie”)  Her name is Jenny.  She is rather persnickety about her appearance and doesn’t even like to get her feet wet.  She is extremely personable and works as a therapy dog.

Those of you that have been following this site know that she is also extremely attached to my hubby.  He likes to cook…and whenever he is in the kitchen, Jenny is at his heels.  However, I need to tell you he is not the neatest cook 😦

Before going to work he decided to make his own concoction of a spicy pasta sauce…but there was also some sticky rice in his planning.  (Why the sticky rice…I have no clue)  


I was in the other room and not paying attention to the happenings in the kitchen.  Although, late in the evening I noticed a familiar scent coming from my little Jenny!  I called her to me and looked at her and saw what looked like little grains on her forehead.  OMG!  It was GARLIC!

Next I notice she has rice over a large portion of her back…STICKY RICE!



There is a reason it’s called “Sticky Rice”…because it is most definitely sticky.  So, here it is almost midnight and I have a little dog that smells like garlic and has sticky rice all over her back.

When I called her over to me, at first she wouldn’t come…but instead went under the table.  I think she thought she must be in trouble…which of course she wasn’t.

I had to get her grooming tools out and completely comb out her fur.  Next, I got out her shampoo and had to clean the fur on top of her head.  I used a blow-dryer in order not to be up all night with her.

Well…she was all clean and her scent was again very sweet!  I emailed my hubby at work with the photo of the garlic.  I didn’t have to say a single word…he knew what I meant.










However, tonight something unusual took place.  My hubby was gathering some ingredients together to make some pasta…GARLIC if course



  1. Dog Training Help…

  2. I don’t know how Jenny could stand the smell herself. Bless.

  3. You know they say if you give a dog garlic it keeps away critters, like fleas and ticks…

  4. Ah yes … the great stories that pets give us.

  5. I apologize for this joke, but I just can’t resist.

    Good thing you don’t have a ‘weiner dog”. :O

    Again, it’s a bad joke.

    Funny post.

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