Posted by: michelle2005 | January 15, 2009

“She’s Afraid of WHAT?!”

cowgirl-edited5This little Cowgirl is Jenny!  Look at that face.  Just like all cowboy’s and cowgirl’s they are steady, sure, always ready to ride…and brave.  Brave?  Well…I can’t honestly say she is brave regarding things in all situations.


You see, she has a fear of three things.  Now, these three things are ordinary everyday things.  Not anything you’d be afraid of, yet, in her mind…they provoke not only fear but at times terror…she will bark and bark and bark.  Finally retreating under the table.   If she’s upset more than usual, she’ll take one of her “babies” with her.



One of her fears is of our vacuum.  She barks continually while it is running.  However, if I put her on her leash and hold it while running the vacuum…she’s as calm as can be.


We found out recently that she will abandon her fear of the vacuum in “certain situations”.  The other day, I dropped a piece of cake on the floor.  I got the vacuum out and prepared to clean up the mess .   But lo and behold…Jenny was right there eating the cake on the floor in spite of the vacuum!  After she ate the cake…then she started barking.  I ignored her and she picked up one of her “babies” and laid in the hallway until I was finished.




Antoher thing that will set her off into a frenzy is if she is walking down the hall and sees the broom.  It’s usually kept in the hall closet…so it’s unusual if it’s left out.  She is not used to seeing it when she’s walking down the hall from one room to another…yet, if I hear a sudden high pitched bark and then a howl…Uh Oh!  I forgot to put the broom away.  She is immediately fine once she sees me open the closet door and put it in it’s rightful spot.



However, the thing that frightens her the most is my hubby’s goose down coat.  This was the first winter she’s seen anything like this.  Even when he isn’t wearing it…due to the bulkiness…it appears (in her mind) that it’s a person…maybe an intruder!  The weather here today…with the wind chill factor was minus 25 degrees !  Obviously, a coat like this is necessary.  The first time she saw him put it on…she barked as if she didn’t know who he was.  He had to open up the coat so she could clearly see him.   She was fine once she knew it was her “Daddy”.  However, once he takes it off…to her, it’s a stranger, invading her house and possibly would do harm to her people.   We have to make sure it’s always out of sight.


I’ve done several posts on her.  Take a look.  One of them is titled “Why Is She in a Pepsi Box?”  There was another one I did when we thought perhaps she wanted a career in medicine…it’s titled “The Dog Did It”.  The most recent was  about her “NFL Infractions”. 


She is an amazing dog.  She’s on the small side of the AKC standard for a Shetland Sheepdog…only 13″ at the shoulder.  Below is a photo of her when she was just a puppy…and another of her all grown up.








  1. Whenever you have something political I always read your posts. I’m so glad I took the time to go through some of your other topics. OMG! The ones you’ve done about your dog are hysterical. When I saw the photo of her in that pepsi box I laughed until I cried. Then this one, about her fears was comical as I could just picture her running under the table. Your writing is wonderful.

  2. She is trying so hard to be brave and to protect her family at the same time – from loud machines that suck up anything in their way, to sticks with sharp hairs on the end that push everything out of the way, to enormous creatures that are able to swallow up her daddy in one gulp …. oh, she’s a good and brave little girl!

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