Posted by: michelle2005 | January 3, 2009

“Religion and Politics Are A Toxic Mix!”



This post is a paraphrase of something I had recently read.  It was the most rational, well thought out viewpoint on religion & politics I had ever heard.  It is my desire that after you read this you, too, will come away with a more logical understanding. 


Attempting to mix religion with politics is the wrong way to serve God and the people.  First because religion is a discipline of faith that has nothing to do with the material needs of a city and country, and politics is a science concerned with the objective reality of a people and not with their spiritual beliefs.


For some Christians this may sound like a good idea, but for the beneficiaries of this political ruse, it is nothing other than good business, something that does not necessarily favor the Christians.


Voting according to this religious orientation has cost the country more than three trillion dollars in an endless war in Iraq, the deaths of more then four thousand American soldiers (about 1000 more than died in Sept 11), and the almost complete collapse of its economy.  It has cost Iraq tens of thousands of lives and the destruction of the country and its future.


Historically, one of the causes of the Arab nations’ misfortunes is precisely the mixing of politics and Islam.  They have tried to run their countries with the teachings of Mohammed, at times administering their faith with political interest, which degenerates into eventual plundering of the public purse, and in other instances administering their political interests using the Islamic faith, which has led to fanaticism and backwardness.


Americans should understand that a politician is not elected president in order to lead a church or to impart doctrines of faith.  A politician is elected in order to govern, and governing means managing the administrative apparatus of the State to meet the material needs of its citizens, while the spiritual leaders of the country are purely religious leaders.  Those who are good Christians are not necessarily good at governing, and those who govern well are not necessarily good Christians.


I hope that the USA will not fall into the same trap as some of the Arab nations.


It appears that all the bickering back and forth has done exactly what it’s intended to accomplish…create chaos, suspicion and mistrust within our own camp.   As long as folks are caught up with trying to “one up each other”…nothing will change.  Nobody can drive forward while looking into the rearview mirror.

Rarely have I ever re posted a short article.  However, numerous questions have come my way.  In addition,  I have recently received comments by several individuals telling me that… “You cannot be a true follower of Christ and hold those beliefs” (regarding politics)




  1. Which of these would you like?
    Democracy – Government elected by the masses
    Aristocracy – Government elected by the few who have riches and power?
    Theocracy – Goverment elected by the people who want to be live in accord with the laws of God which are, love, peace, joy… For more go to

  2. Samrosemin…

    I want to thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment regarding this post.

    You asked which “type” government I prefer. Due to the fact we are a nation of immigrants..I prefer it to be the way in which it has been set up…a “Constitutional Republic”

    The way you described a theocracy…let me see what I think you prefer. However…I have lived under a theocratic government (the Islamic Republic of Mauritania). I have also lived under other type governmental structures…such as Sudan, Zimbabwe, etc.

    My question to you is which “brand” of theocratic government would you prefer? Christian? Even the Christians cannot agree on many fundamental issues. Many think if one is Catholic and one is Baptist…these are different religions, rather than denominations. The KKK believe themselves to be Christians…. A “Constitutional Republic” in my opinion is the best.

    Again…we are a nation of immigrants. We ALL have come from someplace else (with the exception of our Native American citizens). We have many citizens that are atheist, agnostic…and 101 other ideas. Where would they fit in a theocratic USA society?


  3. Amen,amen.

  4. I absolutely agree with you. Far too often we confuse God and Government for socio-political expedency.

    As usual excellent post.


    “As usual” you are kind and gracious with your comments. By the way, the posts you’ve written recently we’ve emailed to several folks.

    Your opinion means a great deal to me, and hearing that you agreed with what was written was a blessing.


  5. You’ve got to be one of the weirdest people that have a blog here on wordpress. I took a look at your blogroll. There are homosexuals, pastors, atheists and political idiots. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you make up your mind which side of the fence you’re on?

    Its people like you that screw up our kids. You don’t know what you believe. Problem is, you pass this nonsense on to others you come into contact with. It seems it’s like this with most of the Obama crowd. In case you don’t know, our country was founded by Christians for Christians upon Christian principals. Those that don’t like it can leave.

  6. Michelle, it was my mother than had sent me your blog address. Originally she thought I’d like it because of all the information about pets. But I wanted you to know that ive learned a lot. My boyfriend is in the army. He’s in Germany. I emailed him some of your stuff too. We are both hooked on your site.

    Oh, i read that you’re a christian. will you please pray for my boyfriend his name is Greg.


    I’m so glad that your Mom sent you this web site address…but I was thrilled to read that you’ve learned some “stuff” too! Yes, I will pray for Greg…it will be an honor. Please, feel free to email me whenever you want.



  7. Normally, I don’t particularly like many christians because they often behave like Justin (above) and all those nasty people sending you ugly comments. When I meet people and they introduce themselves as christians, I immediately understand that they are dangerous, selfish and don’t care who they step on or kick to make sure their needs are served. I avoid conversations with them as much as possible unless I’m just looking to feel bad about being alive and need someone to reinforce the feeling. But, I’m smart enough to know that I’m speaking of a stereotype and I will let each person show me who they are in words and deed.

    It has been very refreshing to meet you and some others – good, decent, caring, kind Christians. I’m pretty sure Jesus would approve. I’m also pretty sure that the Church today would probably destroy Jesus if he returned with his weird values – as Justin so nicely describes it.

    You put goodness back into the word. 🙂


    You are my friend…more like a sister. Continually you offer words of support and kindness. I can say “Thank You” but it’s so much more than that.

    Hubby and I are profoundly grateful to you for allowing us to be part of your life.


  8. Justin…

    How can you call yourself a Christian when you don’t understand the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Jesus never advocated a love it or leave it principle. Well, I suppose you can call youself anything you want. After all, you can put rocks in the oven but it doesn’t make them biscuits!

    This nation of ours has more than Christians living within our boundaries, we are a nation of immigrants.

    Christ taught us to love one another
    Peace be with you!

  9. I forgot to add that your post gave me inspiration on something I’ve been working on for about a month now. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I should be finish with it soon now.

  10. Wow, and I thought people only liked to beat me up. Great post Michelle, but I gotta comment on this one. Our founders signed this country into existance WITH Godly intentions. Their ideal was that we would apply the morality of Christian faith to use as a measuring rod against the Constitution. Just the application of the 1st amendment tells us that government shouldn’t set up a church, nor should it tell us how to hold church. Zealots are everywhere. I supposed that you could even call Christ a “liberal” because he went against the establishment. A Christian should expect discrimination, after all, it is a pattern that the Bible points out time after time. It tells us to respect authority, to render to Caesar, because it is all ordained by God. Where we misapply religion and politics is that they SHOULD, according to our founders walk hand in hand. That doesn’t mean either should dicate to the other, but that they should support the other. The founders were plain in saying that this country could not survive by taking God out of it. We do a disservice to their efforts by saying it doesn’t belong. Zealots who think that politics should be ruled by it are just as dangerous as liberals who wish to do away with even the mention of religion. We should pray every day for those who would hate our efforts to bring the two into focus, that our country would have harmony with morality, and that it could regrow itself back to the great that it was and is if we relearn the principles that they taught. Our problem is that we won’t listen, we won’t act, we just call each other names because we think we’re right. Matthew told us in his writings in chapter 7, 1 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you” Let’s not cast stones, but build bridges.
    OK, off my box,


    You said, “Our problem is that we won’t listen, we won’t act, we just call each other names because we think we’re right. Matthew told us in his writings in chapter 7, 1 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you” Let’s not cast stones, but build bridges.



  11. About the only thing the bible tells us to do regarding politics is to pay our taxes and to pray for our leaders …

    and to Justin: Jesus preferred the company of tax collectors, whores, lepers and the lame. He preferred their company over that of scribes, pharisees, kings and princes. I’ll sit where He did happily. Maybe YOU’ll change your mind about the fence YOU’re sitting on.


    I’ve missed you! It was great to see that you’d been by again. However, it was your comment that caused me to “snap to attention”. Little Sister…you are absolutely right! The company that Jesus CHOSE to keep was not the high and mighty, or the country club set. Please, understand that I’m referring to their “heart attitude”. There’s no more time to be playing games. We are our brother’s keeper.

    Kimmie…hearing from you brought me such delight!



  12. Thanks, only wish folks would listen. I’ve added you to the porch, grab a glass of tea and visit us often!

  13. We can add Romans 13 to the list of things the Bible tells us to do relative to politics and our leaders…….

    According to Romans 13, every citizen is only bound to obey his or her governing official to the degree that the governing official does not violate the duty of the citizen to obey the “higher powers” which, for Americans, are God and the U.S. Constitution. In other words, no Christian can be ordered to disobey God, and no American citizen can be ordered to disobey the U.S. Constitution. Properly understood, Romans 13 teaches that each and every governing official (including the President of the United States and all those under him) must submit to the U.S. Constitution.

  14. It seems one of your comments is from someone that assumes everyone in the country is a chrisitan. Well, this simply is not true. Then he makes the remark that even the president needs to follow the constitution. Does this person assume that the president will not follow the constitution?

    He needs to be reminded that there are many religions represented in this country and christianity is only one. Does he know that there are also many atheists that are part of this nation too?

    Michelle, you are well reasoned in all you write, including the comments you allow. But the one above is a bit much even for you.

  15. Your posts are excellent. The way you pull everything together is remarkable. My husband is the one that first pointed out your blog to me. We both work for the same company.

    Your blog posts are the topic of conversation many times. One of the guys in the office thought you only wrote for the NY Times and the Wash. Post. We’re really glad you have this blog. You selected the perfect name for your site. We are pet owners too and the posts you wrote about your dog are hysterically funny.

    You mentioned in a few of your posts that you were a victim of domestic violence. We’re so happy to know you have a good guy now. You deserve it!

  16. Does this person assume that the president will not follow the constitution?

    Well for starters let’s look at Bush’s illegal wiretapping since February 2001….that’s nine months before 9/11

  17. Michelle,

    Since I only recently found you, thought I’d take the time to do some back reading.

    Wow .. great post … interesting comments … wish I had been a part of this one. You may enjoy this one I did one the same subject, but a different aspect of it.

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