Posted by: michelle2005 | December 29, 2008

“The Dog Took It!”


Inside any briefcase are an assortment of many necessary things to my work.  Hubby and I both need to use a briefcase.  However, on Dec. 23 inside the briefcase held a few special ‘goodies’s’.  Since the holidays were upon us, many folks at work had prepared Christmas cookies, peanut-butter fudge,  Gingerbread Man and some candy canes.  Several of these items were inside this briefcase when I arrived home.


I sat on the couch and set the briefcase on the floor…opened it, and took out the peanut-butter fudge to put it in the refrigerator.  I should have known to shut the case rather than leave it open.  You see, Jenny was standing near me and the open briefcase.


By the time I got back into the living room from the refrigerator, Jenny, had taken the Gingerbread Man out of the briefcase and had run under the table with it.  The sight of her with that Gingerbread Man was so funny…I could do nothing but stand there and laugh.  She had eaten it so fast that the only thing left was a leg.


All I had to say, in a stern voice, was “What did you do!”  This produced, what I now call her “naughty face”.  She looked all sheepish…but unrepentant for sure…lol



Hard to believe that such a Gingerbread Man thief is such an amazing therapy dog and an Agility Champion.  She also (as I’ve stated in previous posts) loves to dress up in dog clothes.  She knows it gets her attention and she revels in it.  Below is Jenny in her Halloween costume.






  1. :O Ahw, how can you blame it on a face like that.

    Jenny was framed. 🙂

  2. Come on what were you thinking? Now why didn’t you have more treats for Jenny? I might have to report you to not giving over to your pets wishes agency.

    Next time at least have two gingerbread cookies. We do not want jenny to get a sugar load (smile).

  3. Just goes to show that Xmas cookies are irresistible to both(wo) man and beast!! LOL Fortunately, my dogs are too polite to get on the counter (altho they are certainly big enough) or we’d have no cookies left either!!! Happy New Year to you all!!

  4. Hail to Jenny … LOL … gotta love pet stories! Thanks.

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