Posted by: michelle2005 | December 24, 2008

Detroit Zoo’s Newest “Baby”


The article below came from the “Detroit News”.  I thought you would like to read this and see the above photo of their newest addition!  Recently there was a “puppy cam” to watch a litter of pups as they grew and played.  Yet, I think an “Aardvark Cam” would be equally fun to watch.  It certainly would be different 🙂  Perhaps, if some of us would contact the Detroit News and ask them to put up a cam to watch the antics of this little one…they may just do it!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zoo’s baby aardvark: ‘So ugly it’s cute’

Catherine Jun / The Detroit News

ROYAL OAK — Amani is barely a month old but is already turning heads.

Amani is the Detroit Zoo’s newest aardvark, born Dec. 8 to mother Rachaael and father Mchimbaji. The zoo is awaiting a DNA test that will conclude the gender.


“This baby can only be described as hideously cute,” said Scott Carter, director of Conservation and Animal Welfare, in a statement today. “Rachaael is a first-time mother and is showing great maternal instincts.”



Amani (Swahili for “peace”) was born 23 inches long, about 3½ pounds and hairless, with ears pointing 4 inches from its head. It has more than doubled in size.  Due to the animal’s clumsiness and poor eyesight, vets and zookeepers are helping Rachaael raise Amani to prevent injury.


Zoo visitors won’t get to see Amani until the spring, when it will join the zoo’s other aardvarks.   The aardvark is an African mammal whose name derives from the Afrikaans word meaning “earth pig.” 





  1. You did it again. Your topics are so diverse. This is the reason I keep coming back. Each time I think I have you figured out, I find out I’m wrong. Thank you for posting the link with this post, I am going to contact them. The idea of an aardvark cam is a good idea. That’d be awesome if they did that.

  2. That little guy is ugly for sure but I betcha if they did put up a cam we would all be looking.

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