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“Neo-Nazi Leader Indicted”

The aticle below came from the “Southern Poverty Law Center”.  Their web address is:  There is a wealth of information available through this site.  They even provide a HateWatch section on that site.  You can ‘click’ on your state, and will be able to see each organized hate groups in your state as well as their locations. 


Neo-Nazi Leader Bill White Indicted Again

Posted in Neo-Nazi by Mark Potok on December 11, 2008

Federal prosecutors announced today that Bill White, arguably the most important neo-Nazi leader in America, has been indicted on seven counts related to making Internet and other threats that could bring him 55 years in prison and $1.75 million in fines.


White was already being held in a federal holding facility in Chicago, where he faces an earlier charge of obstructing justice for publishing personal information about a jury foreman on his website. White suggested in that posting that the juror had committed a crime by voting in 2004 to convict another neo-Nazi leader, Matt Hale, for soliciting the murder of a federal judge. (The judge was not harmed.) Trial on that charge has been set for March 3 in Chicago federal court.


Bond was denied to White in two earlier hearings. In the most recent, on Dec. 5, a judge said White would be held “to ensure the safety of the community.”


In recent years, White has developed a reputation as a blustery threatmaker, posting personal information such as home addresses and phone numbers of many individuals — including the author of this blog posting — and, in some cases, suggesting that it would be good to kill them. He was known for pushing First Amendment protections to their absolute limit, although the indictments suggest that he was not careful enough to prevent the lodging of extremely serious charges.


Prosecutors in Roanoke, Va., where White lives and where the new indictments were brought, suggested that the additional charges would help stem the tide of Internet threats. “The Internet has proven to be a powerful force in our daily lives. It has made information from across the globe available at the click of a mouse,” Acting U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley said today. “The law enforcement community cannot allow individuals to unlawfully threaten anyone, in any manner. When violent threats are made, legal action must be taken and justice must be served.”


Specifically, the new indictment charges White with:

• Threatening a Citibank employee he was having a dispute with.

• Attempting to extort that Citibank employee by demanding she send him a certain legal document related to the dispute.

• Attempting to prevent court testimony through threatening letters sent to black tenants in a housing dispute in Virginia Beach, near his hometown of Roanoke.
• Threatening Leonard Pitts, a black Miami Herald columnist. (The indictment does not identify victims, but several have been known for months.)
• Threatening a professor who administered a diversity training program at the University of Delaware in Newark.
• Threatening Richard Warman, a Canadian civil rights lawyer who has brought actions against numerous white supremacists in that country.
• Threatening the South Harrison Township, N.J., mayor, a black man who has been subjected to other threats in the past. White apparently read about a Town Council resolution offering a reward for information about those people who earlier threatened the mayor and was enraged.


“I’m very relieved,” Warman said after being informed by Hatewatch of the new indictments. “Having someone repeatedly counsel people to murder you is a grave cause for concern, especially when it’s connected to your home address. It’s been a long two-plus years. I’m very much looking forward to the legal process running its course.”

White founded his group, the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), in 2006, after quitting another neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Today, the NSM is the only other major neo-Nazi group in America besides ANSWP, which is believed to have fewer than 150 members. Just a few years ago, there were three additional major neo-Nazi groups — the Aryan Nations, the World Church of the Creator (renamed the Creativity Movement after a non-racist church of the same name sued), and the National Alliance — but all three have virtually disappeared in recent years as their leaders have died or been sent to prison.







  1. Your topics never cease to amaze me. Your world view must be immense. Originally, I came to your blog site in July after reading your work in several media publications.

    Excellent work.


    Thank you for your comment. I forwarded you the infomation you requested. If there is any additional information you need, don’t hesitate to ask.



  2. Sometimes I wonder if this is all a movie and the neo-nazi is an implant or cyborg. Problem is, the movie has been on a continuous loop and I’m tired of watching it. I cling to the idea that once everyone sees the battery in the cyborg’s neck – we will dismantle him. Humans need to evolve and recognize that cyborgs are disrupting our progress.

    *passes Michelle cup of new favorite tea – African Rooibos, Strawberry & Vanilla*

  3. This web site sensors information and will not allow anything but his or her own opinion. This web site is a fraud.


    In case you haven’t noticed most folks use comment moderation for a reason. Personally, I won’t publish anything that is an attack on ANY one or those whose only desire is to be divisive and critical. However, rational dialogue is always welcome.

    For you to say that this site only allows it’s own opinion, let’s us see that you obviously have not read many comments that have been published. There is much to be learned from open dialogue among reasonable individuals.

    FYI…there have been more sites than I can count where my own comments were never allowed…this in no way angered me. It was up to the blog owner to make that decision. They made comment moderation part of their site…which is their perogative.


  4. what’s wrong with wanting to preserve ones race?!


    In case it’s slipped your mind, the citizens of the US are ALL from someplace else (with the exception of our Native American citizens). Your race in no way makes you superior to anyone. If you believe this…it’s a delusion.

    You say “what’s wrong wanting to preserve ones race”. Preserve it from what?


  5. You know it is funny and heartbreaking…it will always come to race. White is better than black, black is better than black…I wonder when it will all stop.


    I don’t believe it will stop until folks understand that we are ALL interdependent upon each other…the way the Lord intended it to be.

    Thank you, my Sister, for taking the time to leave a comment on this post.

    Kindest Regards,


  6. Did anyone with an “us and them” mentality ever stop to think that maybe God created Diversity out of Love? That out of One came the many and that the many are all part of the One? We spend so much time dividing each other by race, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, etc. etc. The opposite of Love is Fear, which gives rise to hate and evil and divisiveness. Fear is a nasty place to live. Come into the Light. It’s really much better for your health, and the health of the planet.


    I am in total agreement with you on this. People forget that we all basically desire the same things. Yet, the divisions along many lines (religious, nationality, economic, educational, etc….) is what seems more commonplace. The ones with superior attitiude are the most hurtful as their intention is to make others seems less worthwhile.

    I’ve come to realize that fear is a sign of an exhausted mind.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and leave a thought provoking comment.



  7. Okay this guy is sick and his pushing the hate that keeps us apart. The whole premise of some one being “other” is logically stupid since we are all human and share that same commonality. I hope he stays locked up for a long time. Now if we can do something about these other hate promoters, hm…

  8. In case you haven’t noticed you people have voted in a black president. This lets you see that we do not have an issue with race in this country. The only ones saying we have a problem with race are the ones that are black. Or should this surprise me? Get a clue. This is not the 1960’s.

  9. William,

    This is apparently a case of incongruent thinking. First, you make the statement that “we do not have an issue with race in this country.” I must admit that this is a little hard to believe when the original post features a man in full Nazi uniform and an article detailing hate crimes, which incidentally are racist. Nazi culture is not exactly the type of behavior one would expect in a racially acceptable environment.

    Now to discuss your individual racist beliefs, which you deny, let me enumerate:
    “You people elected a black president
    ”the ones that say we have a problem with race are the ones that are black”

    First, let me explain that by pointing out that black people have a problem you have reinforced a stereotype that oozes racism. While it is certainly not true that only Black people are complaining, as evidence by poll after poll. A more important question would be if you were wronged would you not complain. So then, would you not also expect to have any aggrieved race to complain?

    Shouldn’t we be working to promote healing and removing injustice?

  10. Hey Aaron, what’s wrong with joining the human race? It is a lot less complicated. 🙂

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