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“The Dog Did It!”

Puppy Jenny

Those of you that have been following this site for a while know I’m a survivor of long term domestic abuse.  However, you would also know I’m very happily remarried to the most amazing guy on the planet.  I’ve done numerous posts on many topics…including my dog.  She was only a puppy when I had to flee my home.


Due to the fact my abuser was also a stalker, it was necessary to have a police escort to certain places where he was familiar.  The first time I had to go to the bank…a police officer walked me inside.  Twice, at my dentist…I had a police officer walk me inside and wait for me.  My dentist and staff were very kind. 


Now jump ahead in time…I am remarried and not only happy…but safe.  My dog, now grown…was no longer afraid of men.  She adores him.  If you read the post titled “Just Jenny”…there are many photos of her and one of her and my hubby.  It’s hysterical!


Jenny is extremely intelligent.



She is very active.  She has large boxes of toys.  These are her “Babies”.  When she wants to play, she will take one of her “Babies” in her mouth and shake it violently from side to side.  Next, she will slap her little front paws on the ground with her behind up in the air.  Next, she gives us her “Baby” and that’s her way of telling us to throw it to her.  She will play catch until she has almost exhausted herself.  She runs around very fast…then will find a place to “hide”.  Of course, she only hides her head…she hasn’t figured out that her entire body needs to be hidden.  She thinks if she can’t see you, then you cannot see her!




The thing she likes the best is the Red Laser Light.  It was Christmas a couple years ago, my Mom had gotten one for her.  The entire family was at my sister’s home.  She has pets, too.  However, when my Mom got that Laser Light out…it was my little Jenny that went ballistic.  Her reaction to this red laser light was so astonishing that the entire family began laughing until our tummies hurt.  Oh my gosh! 





I’ve often watched and heard my dog when she is dreaming.  Her little barks and the playful movement of her paws make me wonder what she is thinking.  I believe that Jenny has a little bit of Walter Mitty in her.  She is rather ambitious; I imagine she sometimes dreams of her contributions to humankind.  For example, she pioneered a novel approach to Radial Keratotomy   What’s that?  Do I hear laughter?  Perhaps I never told you of the times that Jenny tried using her “toilet toes” to incise my cornea.



Apparently not able to obtain diamond sharp instruments my dog decided to improvise.  I should explain that Jenny and I were playing “paws” and she got too close while we were on the floor. At first I did not think too much of this other than the little irritation that I felt.  Soon after playing, I fell asleep and when I awoke, I was in so much pain I needed to see a professional immediately.  I did not think of the episode I had with Jenny before falling asleep.  The doctor was convinced based on my symptoms of extreme pain and the feeling that a shade had been pulled down over one eye that I may be experiencing the beginning of a stroke.  The later symptom loss of vision in one eye is known as Amaurosis Fugax a frequent precursor to an impending stroke.  Too bad our resident “ophthalmologist” Jenny was not available to explain her procedure earlier that morning.


Just before being sent over to the hospital for a CAT scan and a carotid ultrasound, I remembered the irritation I felt after playing with Jenny.  The doctor put some drops in my eyes and soon the source of my pain was apparent.  She sent me to an eye doctor who noted that Jenny had “successfully” torn through all five layers of my cornea. As I noted Jenny’s aspiration to develop this medical technique was not a passing fancy.  Two months later while I was talking to my husband Jenny again managed to create another painful incision, the subsequent trip to the eye doctor again revealed all five layer were again torn. My husband noted that we should purchase “Doggles” for eye protection. 



dog-in-scuba-gear                                                     pink-gogglessheltie-on-motorcycle-wearing-goggles


Her medical career in shambles Jenny visited my sister and her dog Emma.  Jenny and Emma thought that they had a contract to re-wallpaper my sister’s bathroom.  Undertaking their new Home Repair business, but again without the proper tools, they bit and scratched away not only the wallpaper but also the underlying drywall.  Apparently, because Jenny nor Emma could not read, they misunderstood that the work had just been completed only a few months before. The homeowner… my sister… was none too pleased.  The next day Jenny and Emma decided to go outside to play.   Still trying to earn her keep and apparently having watched “Roger & Me” the week before at our house, she realized the value of raising your own livestock. Remember that in the film Michael Moore documented that destitute residents of Flint Michigan had resorted to selling and eating rabbits.  Jenny thought why not, this was a skill more suited to her animal nature.  Nearby was a bunny, and well I do not have to say much more.  My sister found her and it took her quite a while to clean all the rabbit blood off her fur.  She never ever did that again. 


So now I sit and wonder and sometimes dread just what is she really dreaming?    


Jenny Sleeping




Here’s a photo of little “Dr. Jenny” while being groomed.    











  1. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. I got hooked on your site due to the political things you write. But your funny stuff is just as good

    Your dog sounds like she’s so much fun. We can’t get our Golden Retriever to get off the couch unless its to eat. How do I get her more interested in playing. She will be two in February.

    I have your site marked and now I can just get notified each time you put up something new.

  2. Did Jenny really do it or did the rabbit tempt fate? That is the real question.

    I hope you had a happy thanksgiving and I wish you so many more.

    Much love and peace.



    Your comment caused me to laugh out loud! Perhaps, Jenny did “tempt fate” 🙂

    Thank you for always taking the time to read these posts and leave a comment…yet, what I appreciate most is your friendship. I’ve very grateful to you.


  3. that is a cute dog!


    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Since Jenny is a therapy dog…if you lived closer, I’d bring her up to see you during your many hospitalizations. I know she’d like you and most likely would pitch a fit when it was time to leave.


    Michelle and “Jenny”

  4. Aww Jenny looks like a beautiful dog. I grew up in a home where domestic violence was going on and my dog Sandy was really what got me through it, she was my best friend. I can’t wait to have a dog again, and will definitely adopt from a shelter.


    I hope it’s not too long before you get a pet! I was sorry to hear about the domestic abuse you endured…and am glad you’re out of there and safe.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and leave a comment. It’s always so nice to get feedback…it’s appreicated.

    Kindest Regards,

    Michelle and “Jenny”

  5. Dogs were put on earth to keep us sane, keep us laughing, and occasionally, to kill a rabbit!!!! Altho wallpaper removal is a fun diversion from time to time, Jenny needs to learn, eye ‘surgery’ is best left to human hands!!!! LOL

    Hello My Friend…

    Your comment left me laughing! I think after Jenny’s second attempt at eye “surgery” she learned her lesson to leave this to the human expertsl Her try at “home decorating” was put to an immedite halt…along with her “cousin” Emma.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and leave a wonderful comment.



  6. […] Twice she has torn through all five layers of my cornea’s.  This was at two different times and included both eyes.  I wrote a post regarding this issue.  The title is…”The Dog Did It!”  This is a true story. […]

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