Posted by: michelle2005 | November 19, 2008

“Voting Christian Values: A Deception”



This open letter is my reply to an individual who argues that Christians should vote their “Values” I shall call him “Mr. Citizen”.


In response to this individual’s now second editorial decrying the election of Barack Obama, I find that I must ask the following questions:


First Mr Citizen argues that changing the title of his original article changes the tone and demeanor of the content. His original title was “Embrace Biblical Truth: Christians Should Vote Their Values”.  The newspaper changed this to “How Could Christians Vote for Obama?”   I would defer that in reality by using the term “Values” he was merely attempting to hide his contempt to those do not embrace the truth. We can determine the tone and demeanor without his interpretation.


Of more important substance is Mr Citizen’s claim that of all issues that are close to God’s heart only the sanctity of life(banning abortion) and the “Institution of Marriage” (opposing same sex marriage) need to be considered with regard to elections.  He further denotes that given that one who votes his “Christian Values” has given his “sacred vote” to a believer, then such person if elected should be granted a measure of grace.  The fallen nature of man precludes holding government accountable; we must expect more realistic solutions to global ills.


Now this all sounds wonderful, given our Christian Heritage and our inherit nature to forgive.  However, it is not the imperfectness of the world that has created the atmosphere of which we are now faced.  I believe the government should protect its people.  I also believe that over the course of the last eight years our country has witnessed an affront to every protection of its citizens, save for those in the highest income brackets. 


The evidence is overwhelming, and yet Mr. Citizen declines to accept these charges since after all it was a believer that was leading us.  These so-called believers helped line the pockets of the wealthiest Americans, while arguing that the poorest need to pay more.


The people that Mr. Citizen would prefer to have elected blindly follow groups like Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).   ATR’s leader Grover Norquist wishes to ‘shrink government into the size of a bathtub” so that he could drown it.  Remember Hurricane Katrina?  That imperfect believer… George W. Bush, led us into that debacle by insisting that a man who previously judged Arabian horses was “doing a heck of a job”  


With regard to the environment, I wish to give you one example of many that I can cite. George W. Bush appointed James Steven Griles as Deputy secretary of the Department of the Interior. This man previously was employed by the mining industry.  Under his watch toxic waste from mountain tops excavations in West Virginia have been dumped into watersheds polluting the drinking water of the people.


Currently the Bush administration is attempting to enact an executive order that would continue this practice after President Bush leaves office. 


I might add that we are in the middle of an economic crisis that is secondary to lax government oversight. Another Bush appointee Christopher Cox has weakened the enforcement division of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Fines levied by the SEC have decreased by two thirds from 1.5 Billion to 500 million dollars each year.   Investment houses have created high risk products called credit default swaps out of sliced up mortgages and securities with no oversight.   As a result, fabled institutions such as Lehman Brothers have been liquidated and Merril Lynch has been sold to Bank of America.  As housing prices fell and interest rates rose more people had their domiciles foreclosed.   Note all this occurred no thanks to President Bush’s encouragement of an “ownership society.”   While people were attempting to achieve the American Dream even qualified applicants were steered into adjustable rate mortgages. Lenders who could pass off these mortgages to investment houses no longer scrupulously examined borrowers qualifications as they always collected their fee with each house that they closed. Now these toxic instruments have led to the government offering a 700 billion dollar bailout to rescue the credit industry.



Amidst all this turmoil the government that these values voters elected has done very little to preserve the sanctity of marriage, or to decrease abortions. To those who would argue that not voting our Christian values is reflection how the world sees our country, I offer the legacy of our current economic, and environmental situation, and remember the whole world is watching.       





  1. As a Christian I’m more confused when I read the Bible than when I trust my own instincts. All the wars that have been –and will be — fought over God’s intentions. It seems like we have nothing better to do than to squabble among ourselves.

    It also seems like the people with the greatest spiritual depth (so again it comes down to great, greater and greatest?) are the people who dare to think outside the god-box.

    Do I favor abortions? Not on your baby’s life. But let’s try for a perfect world. My Christian responsibility is to get on my knees and pray for President Obama, so when he hears God’s message for the U.S. it comes through loud and clear.

    I think the Christian Code should paraphase the Hypocratic Oath–“First do no evil.”


    Thank you for taking the time to not only read this post, but your beautifully written response. I agree with you completely.



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  3. You know, I am not making Barack Obama out to be a “god”, however, I believe that he is a symbol of hope. He represents something that has been missing for the passed 8 years. I think that the majority of America has spoken and it is so…There is really no need to continue to be divisive. He is President!!! Mr. Citizen needs to know that “(Eccl 3:1-7 NRSV) For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…”

    Therefore, the election outcome is what was meant to be, as it was meant to be 4 years ago…as it was meant to be 8 years ago.

  4. I read what you wrote for the Times. Until I read your work there, I had no idea you also kept a public blog. Thank you for including this link.

    After spending well over an hour reading some of your posts, I’m impressed that you have such a wide variety of topics on here. Do you have any published works?


    Thank you for taking the time to read some of my posts.

    No, I do not have any published works yet…although I am currently working on two books. One of which is a college level text on the art of negotiation.



  5. this post was great. you’re always to the point.

  6. Why are many so called christian values (especially in politics) so unlike the Christ. Why do some of the most mean spirited people call themselves christians? The questions need no answer. 🙂

    I’m off to sleepy land. Good night michelle.


    You’re right…it needs no answer. Folks can call themselves whatever they want.

    The other day I was reminded of something I heard as a child…”You can put rocks in the oven…but it doesn’t make them biscuits”

    ***Jenny waves at SteadyCat, too***


  7. I am a christian and find it very disheartening whenever politics is blended with religion. After 8 years of a president who was hailed as a religious leader even though he did absolutely nothing for the religious cause: he did not stop abortion; he was not fiscally responsible; he did not preserve any values; nor did he cater to anyone outside of a certain income.

    Why would I even allow my pastor, priest, or bishop tell me who to vote for? I respect their job in instilling the love of God to their people but the buck stops there. It is up to the people to assimilate that knowledge and incorporate it into their lives.

    It is not the churches business to tell people who to vote for, who to marry, what to eat, or who to help. To continue to allow this type of church dictation to continue is no different then allowing another Jim Jones into our society. It will only be a matter of time before the flock in their mindlessness start drinking the spiked kool-aid.

  8. In October my pastor announced all the reasons we should vote for Mc Cain and Sara Palin. My wife and I felt weird about him saying this, but none of the leadership said a word about it.

    The next Wednesday before evening service, I saw my pastor. I told him how odd it seemed for him to make such statements. He told me that I needed to get in line with Christian thinking. Can he do this?

    We voted for Obama. Now since the election we are getting ignored in our own church and we’ve been here 11 years. We think its time to find another church.

  9. I used to vote anti-abortion on everything – regardless of anything else that candidate stood for – and that’s what I “learned” I should do from being in church.

    This time I vote for Obama – and a straight democrat ticket – and I felt like I was voting pro-life. Pro-elderly, pro-endangered species, pro-uninsured child, pro-soldier, pro-family, etc.

    “A nation that continues, year after year, to spend more on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    I hope it’s not too late …….

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