Posted by: michelle2005 | November 18, 2008

Sarah Palin, Howdy Doody and “Twinkies”

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Gov Palin with her circular reasoning and lack of ability to rationally answer questions…to many is, indeed, comical.  The other day there was a comparison made between her and the snack cake “Twinkies”.  The “Twinkie” looks good, but has no nutritional value whatsoever.  The “Twinkie” has an expansive ‘shelf-life’ compared to most baked-goods.  In a similar way, Sarah Palin has demonstrated her longevity in the face of no real substance.  She leaves us with that familiar empty feeling we know that comes from digesting “junk food”.  Her answers to reporters questions consist of empty platitudes and a plethora of words that all too often contradict her previous statements.

twinkiehostess-twinkies“Howdy Doody”…could do nothing without his “handler”.  Below are a few more tidbits regarding the “Twinkie” and “Howdy Doody”


The Twinkie rose to popularity in the ’50’s in great part due to Hostess sponsoring the “Howdy Doody” show, featuring the Twinkie.




During the 60’s when there were huge fears of a nuclear attack, many bomb shelters were built. Twinkies were one of the most popular items to have because it was said that they “stay fresh forever”.


It has become an American Icon; even president Clinton put one in a time capsule.


“Hostess Twinkies Are Tainted”


Below is a short excerpt of the ingredients of the Twinkie


Polysorbate 60 is one of the many chemical compounds in a Twinkie. One of the ingredients in polysorbate 60 is ethylene oxide, a highly flammable material that’s toxic if consumed in extremely high amounts. It was used in grenades during the Vietnam War.





Below is a short excerpt from “What is a Twinkie”


What exactly is a twinkie? Is it a delicious cream filled snack cake? The nickname of the Minnesota Twins, or an Asian American who acts like a Whiteman? Well, a Twinkie may be many of those things but when real live Indians talk about Twinkies, they’re not talking about any of these things. A Twinkie is a person, almost always a white, privileged person who peddles spiritual junk food. Just as the Hostess version is all sugar and chemicals containing very little nutritional value, the New Age Twinkie is artificial 



Twinkies always stick together. Whenever one Twinkie is exposed, all the other Twinkies rush to its defense with crocodile tears. They make elegant testimonials as to the Twinkies “good intentions” and its kind and “caring voice.” It’s a kind of professional courtesy among thieves. Good intentions are the New Age equivalent of a “Get out of jail free card”. They are an all purpose excuse for any type of exploitation or charlatanism.







Another word about Twinkies, permit me to digress a bit:


The “Simpson’s” have famously parodied the “Twinkie” using the character Apu


In episode “1F10” Homer tries to destroy a Twinkie and Apu responds “Silly Customer.  You cannot harm a Twinkie”.


A now a little bit about Apu the dedicated Kwik-E-Mart owner:


Springfield’s Kwik-E-Mart is owned and operated by an Indian named Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, who mans the store with his brother Sanjay and is a caricature of the stereotypical “foreign born” convenience store clerk. Apu is an extremely devoted convenience store clerk, rarely closing his store and occasionally working 96-hour shifts. He quite often ignores his wife Manjula and their eight children so that he can be at the store as much as possible and is usually very hesitant to leave his brother in charge. Apu is quite proud of his work, and proudly gouges customers and sells tainted merchandise, such as rotten meat or expired milk. The Kwik-E-Mart standard procedure is to cover up tainted merchandise but if one is caught, they must blame a scapegoat.


In some ways, ultra conservative Republicans have exhibited the misguided dedication to right wing philosophy and hence to Gov. Sarah Palin that Apu has rendered to his beloved Kwik-E-Mart.  Moreover, in many ways both offer customer service, that is neither customer nor service oriented.  The one thing we can see is that Apu is loyal to his God. 























  1. […] Sarah Palin, Howdy Doody and “Twinkies” In a similar way, Sarah Palin has demonstrated her longevity in the face of no real substance. She leaves us with that familiar empty feeling we know that comes from digestiing “junk food”. Her answers to reporters questions consisit of … […]

  2. AWESOME! Your writing is incrediible.

    Greg…Thank you for your gracious comment. I must tell you, though, that your emails tend to be a bit exhausting! lol
    Michelle 🙂

  3. Another thing about sweet treats like Twinkies … they’re addictive and cravings set in. Were people craving someone like Sarah Palin? … I think I’ll stick with fresh fruit and veggies please …


    You are always so kind! We have been on a fruit and veggie regime for almost a year now. It was not at all difficult to get used to…plus, it cut down on the $$ we were spending on “junk” 🙂


  4. Whenever I get the chance I read your work in the NY Times and Wash Post. I must say I enjoy your blog even more. Unless one were to read your blog postings they would think you’re one dimensional.

    It took me a while to get caught up with your posts. You sound like an wonderful lady. You’ve certainly had your share of hard knocks.

    Your writing inspires, informs and challenges us.


    I’m very grateful that you’ve taken the time to go through all the posts. Your observation that I’m not “one dimentional” was apprecited.


  5. You mean to tell me that I have eaten grenade innards for most of my childhood? *bawls*

    I really love your ‘Twinkies always stick together’ paragraph. That was spot on. 🙂


    You’re my buddy! I am so grateful for your continued support. The paragraph you liked so well…was not written by me, it was from the link I included above it. (I wish I were that smart…lol) Hey, of course, I could be sending “smoke signal” like ‘you know who’…(big laughs!)

    I was shocked when I found out the stuff in “Twinkies” was so toxic!

    ***hands Steadycat a cup of tea***


  6. You are making me want to go on a diet right now!!! I love you post…lol


    You have no idea how much I value your friendship and support. You, too, have an AMAZING site (and I’ll be back as a contributor as soon as my schedule let’s up a bit).

    Do you really still eat “Twinkies”?

    ***looks to see if De has “Twinkies” in her cupboard***



  7. Kick a@@ post! Michelle2005 you rock!

  8. I like this one. You are so on the money. Sarah Palin is the equivalent of Twinkies.

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