Posted by: michelle2005 | October 30, 2008

“The Well Educated Need Not Apply!”

‘Joe the Plumber’ Backs Claim That Obama Would Bring ‘Death to Israel’

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Wanted Republican Spokesperson:  Must be able to insert foot in mouth, well educated need not apply.  The ability to promote guilt by association strongly preferred, willing to vote against one’s economic interest desired.

Joe Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. “Joe the Plumber,” on Tuesday twice agreed with a claim from an audience member at a John McCain rally that “a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for the death to Israel.” 


Wurzelbacher was hitting the campaign trail on behalf of McCain for the first time, joining former Rep. Rob Portman on a GOP bus tour through Ohio. 


At a stop in Columbus, he fielded the question on Israel from a self-identified Jewish senior citizen. 


The questioner said he was “concerned” with Barack Obama’s associations and “It’s my belief that a vote for Obama is a vote for the death to Israel.” 


Wurzelbacher responded: “I do know that.” 


The questioner then complained about Obama’s tax policies and reiterated his Israel comment. 


“Well, you know what, I’ll actually go ahead and agree with you on that one,” Wurzelbacher said. “You know … no, I agree with ya.'” 


Wurzelbacher’s first trip to the podium as a McCain surrogate was freewheeling. He often apologized to reporters gathered in a flag store for talking from his gut.


John McCain appealing to the lowest rung on Maslow needs hierarchy implores people to fear his opponent  by using his “SCARE COUNTRY FIRST” theme.


John McCain and Sarah Palin are truly magicians as they have gotten everyday workers to speak out, and vote against their own economic interests.


Mr. Wurzelbacher would be better off financially under Sen Obama’s plan but succumbing to SCARE COUNTRY FIRST he falls in line with Sen. McCain’s Campaign Misdirection, taking his eyes of the issues and appealing to one’s fears


“I’m honestly scared for America,” Wurzelbacher said.


He later said Obama would end the democracy that the U.S. military had defended during wars.


“I love America. I hope it remains a democracy, not a socialist society. … If you look at spreading the wealth, that’s honestly right out of Karl Marx’s mouth,” Wurzelbacher said.
“No one can debate that. That’s not my opinion. That’s fact.”


Note Mr. Wurzelbacher did not start speaking about Karl Marx until several days after his meeting with Sen. Obama on the driveway of his Toledo neighbor.  One wonders how Mr. Wurzelbacher became an expert on Marxist philosophy.  Perhaps, we should dub him “The Philosopher Plumber”. 


Though “Joe the Plumber” has become a centerpiece of McCain’s campaign in the closing days of the presidential race, McCain aides told FOX News the Republican nominee does not share Wurzelbacher’s opinion on Obama’s view toward Israel. 


Once again, Sen. McCain’s judgment must be called into question for promoting and elevating everyday Americans as surrogates employing his ‘SCARE COUNTRY FIRST” themes.  These rogue elements distort Mc Cain’s message and promote anger, mistrust and suspicion.


Obama states on his Web site that he strongly supports the U.S.-Israel relationship, as well as Israel’s right to defend itself and foreign assistance to the country. 


McCain, though, has suggested Obama’s commitment to Israel is not as deep as it should be.  (In a related story, Neil Cavuto interviewed Tito Munoz aka “Tito the Bulider” and Mr. Munoz implied an association between Senator Barack Obama’s policies to those of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.  At long last do these Republican’s  have no sense of shame?)    


A McCain TV ad out Tuesday ridicules Obama for saying Iran, whose president is openly hostile toward Israel, is a “tiny” country that “doesn’t pose a serious threat.” 


The narrator says: “Terrorism, destroying Israel, those aren’t serious threats? Obama — dangerously unprepared to be president.”


Amazingly Senator Mc Cain denies that his message is similar to Joe “The Plumber’s” …then runs an advertisement that plays into the same theme…”SCARE COUNTRY FIRST”.  I wonder where Wurzelbacher got these ideas?   That’s the risk you take when you run a dishonest campaign.  The Mc Cain surrogates suddenly look like the “Village People”.  Perhaps, this is why Mr. Wurzelbacher was offered a recording deal.  I can hear them singing now….”Y.M.C.A”










  1. Another ‘knockout’ punch. The last article you did for the NY Times was good, too. As I was reading this, I thought I sure wouldn’t want to get into the ring with you.

    You present such reasoned, thought out replies to the critic that refuses to look at the obvious. How anyone could still remain within the Republican camp, once they’ve seriously compared these two candidates and their policies is a mystery to me.

    Your posts are talked about around the water-cooler at the office!

  2. Your writing is simply wonderful. Like so many others I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now. I also read your articles on the NY Times and Washington Post. Interestingly enough you have an extraordinary insight into many areas.

    You definitely hit the nail on the head with this post. The republican party has basically written off those with intelligence. Do you think they knew what Sarah Palin was going to say prior to her opening her big mouth? Mc Cain would have done much better had he chosen a competent running mate.

    Is there more than one author on this blog? The posts you’ve done on pets are both informational and comical. But it’s the political posts you do that keep me coming back.

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