Posted by: michelle2005 | October 30, 2008

“How Children View the RNC and the DNC”

Tonight on the Jay Leno show, he read the comments sent in by a few elementary schools.  The questions asked of the children were regarding the upcoming election.  Their answers were hysterical.  They were so funny in their innocence, I decided to post a few of the answers that he read.

One child was asked, “What’s the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats?”  He replied, “The Republicans are elephants and they trample the people of the United States.  The Democrats are donkeys and they carry the people on their backs”. 




Another child was asked, “What do you think the new president will do on his first day as president?”

He replied, “He will sit in his leather chair and command his people to bring him waffles”.


Another child was asked,”Who would make a better president…you’re Dad or your Mom, and why”?  His reply was, “My Dad… because my Mom is getting crazy because of him and no one can handle her”.



Finally another child was asked, “Who do you think would be the best president and why.”  She replied, “Hillary would be  the best president because she will help the people and give them a happy ending.”

  There were other answers by children, but I thought these were the funniest!







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  1. Lovely. I enjoyed them, thanks.

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