Posted by: michelle2005 | October 29, 2008

Why is She in A “Pepsi” Box?!

I have gotten literally hundreds of questions regarding this photo of “Jenny” inside the Pepsi box.  However, today someone told me that it was “cruel to make her stay in that box!”.  I laughed out loud when I was told this.  Since I’ve had so much interest in this particular photo I thought I would tell you how Jenny came to sleep in the Pepsi box.  (It was only until she outgrew it!)

Those of you that have followed my blog for some time, no doubt have read numerous posts I’ve done on pets and their care.  The one that generated the most ‘traffic’ was…Bringing Home Your “Fur Baby”.  Reading that, you’d see that I’m no novice dog owner.

Prior to me bringing Jenny home, I had everything prepared ahead of time…crate, toys, appropriate size dishes, even her veterinarian appointment was made for her first visit.  Of course, it helps that her veterinarian is my best friend.

When I brought Jenny home and acclimated her to her new surroundings…she was uncomfortable with her new crate.  Of course, I didn’t want her to be crying and upset at night.  I would NEVER allow a new puppy to cry for an extended period of time.  Her crate was purchased according to what her adult size would be (this is the way they should all be purchased).  It, of course, had a divider inside…so it didn’t feel so overwhelmingly large for her.  Yet, she still cried.  Those of you that have puppies, know they can let out some pitiful howls.

I pulled her crate into my bedroom, thinking if she were right next to my bed…she may not continue to be so distressed.  Well, I was wrong!  She weighed less than 3 lbs.  I took her out of her crate, and held her in my hand.  It only took a few minutes until she fell sound asleep.  Then it dawned on me that she would feel safer in a smaller area than her crate.  I wondered what did I have that was smaller for her to sleep in where she could feel safe…yet, still be right next to me?

I came upon the idea to use the “Pepsi” box that was in the pantry.  Quickly, I arose and cut a hole large enough in the box so she could fit inside.  She needed to be picked up and put in there…as she was too little to jump in by herself.  I placed a doll blanket on the bottom of the box and put one of her toys inside, too.

Once I brought the “Pepsi” box into my bedroom…I took Jenny from her crate, and put her into the “Pepsi” box…which I had placed on my bed.  From that day on, she never cried at night.  She slept in that box at night for many weeks…until she outgrew it.  At that point, she slept in her crate.  Due to the fact she was a bit bigger, she no longer felt overwhelmed by the size of her crate.

Here’s a photo of her inside her crate…as you can see, it was like a little hotel room.  This is her “den”.  This is her place of retreat…she “stashes” all her toys and treasures in there.

She is an adult now (just turned four years old).  Many times when I can’t find my hubby’s shoes, slippers, and a variety of other things…we look inside Jenny’s crate.  There they are nice and safe, surrounded by her “babies”.

She has learned a new “trick”.  She waits until my hubby is snoring…then sneaks up onto our bed and wedges herself between his pillows.  I have no clue why she does this, as she cannot get out by herself.  I have to pull her out by her front paws! 

When my hubby first saw this photo of Jenny wedged between his pillows, he was shocked!  Actually, the first time I saw her do this…I was shocked.  It was one of those perfect “Kodak Moments”…and I was glad I had some film in the camera.

She has two entire boxes of toys.  These are her “babies”.  After my hubby leaves for work, she selects several of her “babies” and puts them near the door.  This is his “clue” as to which “babies” she wants him to toss to her when he arrives home.  They play ‘catch’ for about 15 minutes immediately upon his arrival home.

A while back, she came out of his bathroom looking all sheepish…and I noticed her front paws were all wet.  I walked into the bathroom…and noticed her “pink doggie” was inside the toilet!  She, evidently, was going to place her toy on top of the toilet (the lid had always been down).  She had been in there about 10 minutes and it appears she was trying to retrieve her “pink doggie”…but was unsuccesful.  The look on her face…told it all!     

We knew that she had also been getting onto our bed if we were away.  When we came home, one of her “babies” would be on our bed…and a warm spot, where she had obviously been laying.  Catching her in the act was more difficult.   Well, one day we did “catch her”…and I told her “STAY!”.  I went and got the camera…took a photo of her with her “Blue Bunny Baby”.  Now…she never gets on the bed unless she is invited.  Whenever she is invited…she always brings one of her “babies” with her.

She is a Shetland Sheepdog (“Sheltie”)…she’s on the small side of the AKC breed standard.  She only weighs about 16 lbs and is 13″ at the shoulder.  She has a “job” as a therapy dog…and works at the same hosptial where my husband is employed.  She has to wear a bandana with a name-tag.  Her title at the moment is “Nurse Jenny”…but due to the fact she’s about ready to complete her advance training…she will have the prestigious title of “Dr. Jenny”.  She also has a championship in Agility.

She has a habit of jumping right up into my hubby’s arms when he calls her.  This is such a delight to see…and I’ll never get tired of seeing her so happy. 









Kindest Regards,


Michelle & “Jenny”



  1. She is a beauty. I think its funny that you have to pull her out of the comfy pillows. 🙂

  2. steadycat,

    Thank you for your kind comment. Like I mentioned in the post…I had someone tell me it was “cruel to make her stay in that “Pepsi” box.

    I wanted to ‘set the record straight’ 🙂


  3. This made me laugh and cry. It is one of the most touching pieces I’ve read. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life.

    Your Jenny is an absolute dolly!

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