Posted by: michelle2005 | October 28, 2008

”NEWS FLASH!!” The United States is A Nation of Immigrants





I’m beginning to wonder if most people understand that we are a nation of immigrants.  Due to the anger, mistrust, and name calling at some of the McCain/Plain rallies, I’m beginning to wonder.  We are all from someplace else…with the exception of the Native Americans.


Take my family for an example.  My sister is married to a biracial man, I have a sister in-law that is Asian,  my brother is married to an African American woman and one of my sister’s is dating (dare I say it!) an Arab American.  My best friend is Syrian.  My husband, who is a medical professional works within a very culturally diverse field.  This has been a tremendous blessing to us. People… remind yourselves… WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS.


When our family gets together, it’s like a meeting of the United Nations.   We have learned so much from each other. Plus the friendships we’ve formed with those of other cultures is beyond wonderful.


After 9/11 someone threw a smoke bomb into my friends store…while there were customers!  They thought he was Arab…he isn’t.  He’s an immigrant from India that wears a turban due to his religious beliefs.   People…remind yourselves…WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS!


The blatant anger and racism that had (until prompted to do so) gone unhindered is of grave concern for me.  Let me tell you why.  If you’ve read my post titled…”An Awakening to A World of Injustice“…you’d see THE VIEW from behind my eyes the ugliness of racism.   Plus, having worked outside the USA for decades, I’ve had to work with numerous people with opposing viewpoints…such as religious, nationality, class, level of education, economic, gender bias…and 101 other issues.  In reading the post I mentioned above, you’ll see that it was a teacher (Native American) that was the most influential person in my life.


However, what I saw, witnessed and was part of those trying to bring light to the wrongs being done…in the south, was localized.  What I see now at some of the RNC rallies is NATIONAL!

Having lived outside the USA for three decades (furloughs home from time to time) allowed me entrance into numerous nations across four contintents.  My work was as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator and Educator for First Responders.  I worked within every environment you can imagine, and within many different people groups…and a vast array of organizations that were from all over the globe.


However, due to the fact we had common goals to achieve…there was not one single issue between any of us as colleagues.  Our goals were met, and lasting friendships formed.  None of us are as different as most would have you believe.   Yet, fear keeps people trapped in their own little worlds…never venturing beyond their comfort zone.  This keeps them ‘small minded’ to what’s around them…even in their own neighborhoods.  (“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines…” Ralph W. Emerson)


Below are some snippets from a CNN article, link included


At a rally in Clearwater, Florida, Sarah Palin said Obama was being “less than truthful” about his ties to Ayers. “His own top adviser said they were ‘certainly friendly.’ … I am just so fearful that this is not a man who sees America the way that you and I see America — as the greatest source for good in this world,” she said.


Palin told the crowd that she sees “a pattern in how our opponent has talked about one of his most troubling associations.”


One member of the Palin audience in Jacksonville, Florida, Tuesday shouted out “treason.” And at another rally in the state Monday, Palin’s mention of the Obama-Ayers tie caused one member to yell out: “kill him” — though it was unclear if it was targeted at Obama or Ayers.


At several recent rallies, Palin has stirred up crowds by mentioning the “liberal media.” Routinely, there are boos at every mention of The New York Times and the “mainstream media,” both of which are staples of Palin’s stump speech.


Some audience members are openly hostile to members of the traveling press covering Palin; one crowd member hurled a racial epithet at an African-American member of the press in Clearwater, Florida, on Monday.


In addition, at a McCain rally in New Mexico, one supporter yelled out “terrorist” when McCain asked, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” McCain didn’t respond. (By NOT answering allows doubt and mistrust to continue.  In essence, Senator McCain chose to be part of the problem by keeping silent!)


(CNN) — With recent polls showing Sen. Barack Obama’s lead increasing nationwide and in several GOP-leaning states, some Republicans attending John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign rallies are showing a new emotion: rage.


At a rally in Minnesota on Friday, a woman told McCain: “I don’t trust Obama. I have read about him and he’s an Arab.” (Obviously, someone needs to inform her that due to the fact we are a nation of immigrants…that we have many Arab American citizens.  This type of blatant racism should have been STOPPED IN IT’S TRACKS!)


McCain shook his head and said, “No ma’am, no ma’am. He’s a decent family man…[a] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. That’s what this campaign is all about.” (Someone may need to inform Senator Mc Cain that Arab American families are just as “decent” as any other nationality.  WHY DIDN’T HE SAY THIS?  By not doing so, he allows further division among citizens…and to fan the flames of suspicion, mistrust and anger and racism to further divide our citizens).



The Daily Show (of “Comedy Central”) did a withering satire of the astonishing inadequacy of this response last night.  Correspondent Aasif Mandvi:


Being an Arab and being a decent family man are not mutually exclusive. It absolutely could happen. I guess what I’m saying is, there’s no mathematical reason why someone of Arab descent could not somehow also love his family…I don’t know of any cases. Not in the America, I live in.









  1. I totally agree that this type of racism should be stopped. I would not be suprised if that lady was set up to get on tv and make that stupid comment!!!

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