Posted by: michelle2005 | October 27, 2008

Trouble with John Mc Cain/Sarah Palin’s “NEW” Conservative Ideology


In America, it’s all right to see our country as imperfect and in need of improvement.  (The right to question our government is built into the US Constitution….it’s what our Founding Father’s expected…they didn’t respect King George which gave rise to our great nation.)     To do less is to view everything in “black and white” terms, right versus wrong, my way or the highway…and not see the train that is bearing down upon you.


 For too long we have closed our eyes, plugged our ears, shut off our brains and have ranted endlessly about “not blinking”…even in the midst of the tempest brewing around us.      




Now more than ever it is time for opening our eyes, ears, and once again engaging our brain in meaningful thought and embracing change.


 The “Anchorage Daily News” endorses Senator Obama for President!




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