Posted by: michelle2005 | October 25, 2008

“Palin the Expert…Because She Said So!”

  Sarah Palin has said many times, “I don’t want to toot my own horn…” (She hired a PR firm to do it for her!)  She really doesn’t have to keep repeating that since it’s all she ever does…all the while knocking others down.


John Mc Cain claims that Sarah Palin (***who as governor negotiated a pipeline that may never be built and has cost Alaskans 1/2 billion dollars***) is an expert in oil and gas.  Hmmm…perhaps, that claim is the same as Sarah Palin appointing Franci Havemeister as Director of Division of Agriculture (salary $90K) citing Havemeister’s childhood love of cows and 4H experience.  


Ms. Havemeister was a real-estate agent before the appointment.  Was she really the most qualified person for this position in the whole state of Alaska?  No “vetting” for VP candidate…cynical pandering to women, bad judgement….NOT READY TO LEAD!


***The Republican legislature passed a measure giving TransCanada up to $500 million in seed money.  (To build the pipeline)


Palin’s initiative was “bold but unworkable, a big splash with little payoff,” says University of Alaska energy economist Doug Reynolds. He predicts no movement on a pipeline until Palin agrees to negotiate with the producers. (This doesn’t even mention negotiating with several Canadian Tribes who have not given the ‘go ahead’…and claim litigation can tie this pipeline idea for more than ten years)


Reference:,9171,1846731-2,00.html  “Palin’s Pipeline to Nowhere”***




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