Posted by: michelle2005 | October 20, 2008

“Back to The Wilderness” Pt #1

The Following is a public service announcement from the Back to the Wilderness Foundation; Let us send Gov. Sarah Palin back to the wilderness! 

Incidentally this was from an “interview” with the 700 club conducted by David Brody.  At the end is my analysis of this one question and Gov. Palin’s answer.

My comments below are in bold font



Brody: Let me ask you a little bit about media scrutiny because some of the media networks…wonder why you don’t go on some of the 24/7 cable networks. What is your response to that?


Palin: Well sometimes it just doesn’t do any good. I mean you set yourself up just to continually be mocked, you know so sometimes that doesn’t do any good, but what I have done in this campaign is in reaching out to the American voters through our rallies, through the one on ones, through the small meetings that we’ve had trying to get our message out, our plans for this country out there minus the filter of some of the filter of the mainstream media because, because that filter as, as we see every day when we turn on the news too often there is this, this opaqueness, there is this, this spin, this contortion of a person’s words and intentions and that does more harm than good, so it’s a greater challenge for me and for John McCain to try to get our message out there without that filter of I think some of the world’s media. It’s a greater challenge, but again, it does make us work harder and try to reach more people. That’s why we’re traveling around so hard and fast and aggressively across the US to reach more people.





This is unprecedented, never before in the history of American Politics has a candidate for such a high public office refused to be interviewed. She stated because one may be mocked.  People are mocked because their answers neither match up nor make sense.  When the candidate used proximity to Russia, and stated, “When Putin rears his head…”  Well then, I guess she would be mocked. 

What people were looking for was a well-reasoned analysis of Russia, perhaps China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, or Iran, not a confused geography lesson.




Apparently, Gov. Sarah Palin believes the media should be a mouthpiece for whatever views she wants to espouse.  No questions that do not reflect her talking points, and no follow up questions are to be allowed.  Rush Limbaugh stated that, he was so in awe of that he did not know what question to ask.  Is this what we really want from our leaders?  Even George W. Bush interviewed with all forms of media when he ran in 2000.  Palin does not wish for the interviewer to stray from the Campaign Stump Speech.  She would be right at home behind Russia, or North Korea where state sponsored television only addresses the information the “party” felt should be released to the people.  Quite ironic for someone who claims tax rollbacks due to the Sunset Provision of the Bush tax cuts amounts to Socialism. Who is responding as a socialist now?





By the way: She cannot even talk in complete sentences, the majority of Americans have been able to do this since grade school, the very answer that is given above is fair game for mocking.    






  1. This post is right on target. I read this interview she did with Brody. I could not believe how incoherent she sounded. It was as if she was talking in circles.

    I teach 7th grade civics and English. If I had a student that spoke in such round about ways, I would have him/her sit down individually and help them learn how to properly construct a sentence. As an educator it’s my job to prepare my students. It appears that Gov Palin’s teachers have failed her.

    Your site is very interesting. The topics you have are wide, varied and always relevant.

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