Posted by: michelle2005 | October 20, 2008

A Perspective on “Socialism”

A friend of mine wrote this and asked me to put it on my site.  He, like me, has lived behind the Iron Curtain for a period of time.  Once I read what he’d written, I decided immediately to do as he asked.  His insight is remarkable.


Sen.McCain would have more credibility if the policies he is proposing had produced more growth and security these past few years. Do not try to scare Americans with your fear mongering. The economy will take time to grow, but those who labor to earn a living can no longer tolerate being squeezed



You do not know anything about socialism. You quote the lives of communist leaders and the neglect of the people under their rule. Nevertheless, you raise the specter of socialism here in the states, while the American Constitution remains in force. I have lived behind the Iron Curtain, and know what constitutes a true loss of freedom. My friends can attest to life in a socialist regime.



 Never forget that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!



Changing the tax structure is not an endorsement of socialism. What Sen. Obama is proposing is allowing a portion of the Bush tax cuts to roll back at it had been proposed when developed. This was known as a sunset provision; it was designed to take effect if tax cuts proved to onerous on the deficit. This has been the case for many years and President Bush neglected the deficit while filling the coffers of rich individuals, to the tune of tens of thousand of dollars per year. Not all boats rose in this round of economic growth. It was a near jobless recovery, and those that were created paid much less, while cost of living soared.




Reading these comments, one would assume that these business owners had never heard of deductions. Truth be known the past six years have been filled with the lowest tax rates in the last 40 years. As such very few new opportunities have been created. Many businesses have been able to reap the greatest returns unencumbered by higher taxes, yet so few have given anything back to the community. Now you cry, “I’ll have to pay more, I’ll lay people off.” Well the rest of us have had to live with less, the past six years. Meanwhile our bills increased and our jobs went overseas. All with no thanks to the people, you propose to return to the white house! 











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