Posted by: michelle2005 | October 19, 2008

“Drill Baby Drill”…Really?

Clearly, the “hottest governor from the coldest state” has policies that would contribute to global warming.  Her incendiary comments alone are enough to melt the polar ice cap!  Caribou Barbie’s solution to all of our problems appears to be “drill baby drill.”  In addition, she has fallen victim to the belief that people need to be afraid of her opponent.   It is not enough to point out the differences between the two campaigns.  To achieve her means she believes that she must SCARE AMERICA FIRST.



Let us look at how Sarah Palin has offered us the proverbial football that Lucy offers to Charlie Brown. She has stated that America’s answer to our foreign and domestic policies can be found by drilling for oil.  This is not the panacea for what ails Americans, as it neither encourages conservation of resources nor the environment.





She has called small town Alaska a microcosm of America, really Sarah Palin needs to get out more often!  Where in Alaska will you find the tough issues of budgeting for health, and education that currently confounds our state governments?  Where in Alaska do you find the problems that plague our large metropolitan areas?  Sarah calls small town America “Pro-American.”  That is too divisive for our country in our time of need.  We must encourage all people to he part of the solution.  Her single mindedness and narrow focus ignore the opportunity to provide real change.  She is not the change we need!  We need to disregard her pleas to SCARE COUNTRY FIRST.






  1. Another wonderful article. I just finished giving you kudos for another post you wrote. Again, your take on things is brilliant. You, obviously, are of great intellect with the ability to anaylze complex issues.

    I’ll continue to look in on your site. It’s a real day brightener for me.

  2. As usual, I agree with what you’ve said. She knows if you divide people and make them fight, they wont be able to come together as part of the solution.

  3. Mitch, Steady Cat…

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post…I also want you to know I deeply appreciate your feedback!

    Kindest Regards,


  4. Wait! Alaska is part of America? When did this happen?

    I chuckle when people still tell me that Obama does not have any experience to run as a President.

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  8. Hey, michelle?

    You there?

  9. Sorry I didn’t get your email. I’m actually using my mom’s email address, and since I forgot my old email address, I have to make another, so please don’t email me(She deleted your emails, and I had to go through the trash). So far, I have entered the picture of Jenny in th pepsi box, since that was the CUTEST one.
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