Posted by: michelle2005 | October 19, 2008

“Country First” Really Means “SCARE Country First”!

“S C A R E” >>>>

I have new slogan for Sen. John McCain’s campaign, rather than “Country First”. When he does not have an answer to his flagging presidential run, he turns to character attacks to frighten Americans into voting for him. Senator McCain has offered a prescription of fear when faced with a formidable opponent, who possesses a calm temperament and intelligent assessment in the midst of multiple crises. This is the same playbook that George W. Bush used to get reelected. John McCain has adopted SCARE COUNTRY FIRST! This new slogan is his ticket to the White House.

John McCain claims that simply rolling back taxes on those with the highest incomes is the equivalent of socialism. He claims that giving a tax cut to Americans who pay payroll taxes is the equivalent of welfare. Be belittles Americans who are struggling to pay their bills by telling them that they are getting a handout from the real wage earners, the “Joe the Plumber’s” of America. The only problem is the real “Joe the Plumber” is one of the struggling wage earners. Mr. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher the real life Plumber, (whose income would not approach $200,000 if he was able to buy his employer’s company), was concerned that Sen. Obama was heading down the slippery slope of socialism. Sen. McCain uses “Joe the Plumber” to warn people of impending socialism. I have heard this cry before; from people who have never lived under a socialist regime. People in America do not understand socialism, which makes it easy for Sen. McCain to SCARE COUNTRY FIRST!

When President Bush’s tax cuts where first proposed a sunset provision was made to guarantee that a return to previous rates would ensue if revenue generated did not reduce the deficit. This would in effect roll back to rates that existed before George W. Bush took office. Now according to Sen. John McCain; allowing the sunset provision to occur is the same as a tax increase.

At the time of the first tax cuts Democrats warned Americans that the middle class would get the equivalent of a muffler while the highest income bracket would realize a tax cut the equivalent of a Lexus automobile. Investor Warren Buffet pointed out that the reduction in capital gains and dividends tax rate would effectively put a billionaire in a lower tax bracket than his secretary who earned only $30,000. People earning one million dollars each year have gained tens of thousand of dollars each year due to these reckless tax cuts. Now Sen. McCain seeks to make them permanent, and claims that rolling back taxes to rates that existed before George Bush took office is socialism. Wow, first he tells everyone in America the Sen. Obama will raise your taxes meaning all Americans, and now he accuses Sen. Obama of playing Robin hood stealing from the rich and giving the the poor. His inconsistent critique of Sen. Barack Obama’s tax proposals can be summed up in his new slogan, SCARE COUNTRY FIRST!

We as Americans were promised that the tax cuts would produce one million new jobs. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities noted in 2003 with regard to the Bush tax cuts that:

  • “Middle-income households would receive an average tax cut of just $20 from the reconciliation tax bill, according to Tax Policy Center estimates. In contrast, households with incomes over $1 million would receive an average tax cut of $43,000, and the top 0.1 percent of households – a group whose incomes exceed $1.6 million — would receive an average tax cut of $84,000.
  • The benefits are skewed this way largely because of the capital gains and dividend tax cuts. Nearly half (45 percent) of the benefits of these tax cuts will go to households with incomes over $1 million.

These tax cuts have produced huge windfalls for those in the upper incomes without producing corresponding employment for Americans. Remember that the latest figures on employment show the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Ask yourself are you better off now than you were eight years ago? John McCain is betting that you will allow him to enrich the coffers of wealthy Americans. Sen. McCain knows that he cannot continue the tax policies of the Bush administration unless he continues to SCARE COUNTRY FIRST!

Returning tax rates to former levels will not induce loss of our Constitutional rights and guarantees of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In times of crisis, true leaders do not seek to SCARE COUNTRY FIRST!

This morning on “Meet The Press” Colin Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama!




  1. This is an astounding article. I’ve read many things you’ve written, but this, by far is one of your best. Your use of SCARE COUNTRY FIRST is remarkable. You are absolutely right in what you’ve written.

    The last thing you put on Washington Post regarding conservation was great.

    I really enjoy visiting your site.

  2. Excellent one liner, Scare Country First. And it’s true too.

  3. Yeah, it’s very unfortunate McCain has gone this route. It did work very well 4 years ago for George W Bush, the political climate has changed since then.

    Until McCain and Palin start offering answers rather than fear mongering of Obama and the media, they won’t get very far before November.

  4. Since giving a big fat check of 76 billion dollars to the banks is perfectly fine, but if we changed it to give it to the people to help pay of the houses … what do we call that? Communism?

    Love how the world works, the people who try to save as much money as possible, who pay off their credit card every month, and struggle two jobs get screwed over and get no help.

    BUT the banks who spend so much money and pushed to make people sign up for credit cards left and right get a bailout plan.

    Does that make sense?

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