Posted by: michelle2005 | October 7, 2008

“Domestic and Foreign Policy/Oil and Gas Exploration”

Let me enumerate the McCain policy offerings: Here’s the problem when you advocate less government except for defense, oil and gas exploration and to “shake things up in Washington.”

On foreign policy McCain/Palin offers these bromides. Continued focus on a destabilizing war with Iraq, spending 10 billion dollars every month with no end in sight. We have seen this before, the accusations that anyone who advocates giving Iraq back to the Iraqi people are surrendering. Really, surrendering to whom? The insurrection that our country created by invading Iraq, the Sunni or Shiites who along with the Kurds are the constituency of the Iraqi people. Oh, I know we don’t want to let Al Qaeda claim victory. The only problem with this analysis is that Bin Laden is running training camps for terrorists unfettered in Pakistan. Attacks by Bin Laden are prepared years in advance, without any pressure being applied in North Waziristan where Al Qaeda and the Taliban have located, what will be their next objective.

We have dropped the ball in the war on terror, and to know why we must only look at the words of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin, Oil! When asked what foreign policy experience qualifies Sarah Palin to be Vice President, Sen. John McCain and Gov. Palin explained that knowledge of oil and gas is of paramount importance to our national security. Remember that George W. Bush and the neocons asserted that Iraq threatened US national security interests. Hmm, so we have now admitted that the war in Iraq was to protect US oil interests. Somewhat contrary to the President Bush’s stated objective on the occasion of his second inauguration the we will promote democracy in places where the light does not shine.

Understanding the importance of the topic of oil is all we need to know about Gov. Sarah Palin. Aside from her “maverick” status… oil and gas is the signature credential that Gov. Palin brings to the ticket. Of course, the McCain/ Palin ticket talks about liberating our country from foreign oil citing both an overabundance of domestic supplies and burdensome government regulations that prevent the oil from being extracted from the ground. Gov. Palin acknowledges that it will take 10 years to get this oil to market.

Let’s examine this further… Americans are suffering with the cost of gasoline tripling since President Bush took office. Not all of this gain can be blamed on the President given that China and India are increasing demand. It should be noted however, that no leadership has been offered regarding conservation. Vice President Cheney noted that conservation was a virtue, presumably not something that government should promote. There was no foresight offered into the decreased supply that would invariably lead to huge price increases in gasoline and home heating oil. McCain is not calling for conservation and is giving weak promotion to alternative energy proposals unless the private sector is willing to finance such ventures. The mantra “Drill Baby Drill” is not an answer but a prolongation of our dependency on a 19th century discovery…OIL! We need leadership that will move us into the twenty-first century and beyond.




  1. If you hadn’t left this website address on your last Washington Post article I’d have never known about this blog.

    The knowledge you expressed in your article is what drove me here. I spent almost two hours reading through some of your older posts.

    Your writing style really allowed me to see behind your eyes. You said you’d been with the RNC for three decades. That’s longer than I’ve been alive.

    The arguments you present all cheked out. This knowledge left me wondering why others don’t look for verification on so called facts before they make up their mind.

    From all I’ve read of the things you’ve written, my guess is that you’re an attorney. Are you?

  2. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head.
    Change is more than mere words
    We have been going in the wrong direction
    Rebuilding other countries in endless wars!
    We have paid too little attention to our own economy
    Shaking down earmarks at $18B will not help us to get back on track it’s just another deception
    we have never stressed conservation
    and until gasolin reached over $4 people kept fueling up. Now it’s too expensive to top it off
    Let’s look to the future and new sources of energy
    If Bush had picked up that mantle look where we would be today!

    and McCain says the fundementals of our economy are strong. Then McCain says he was talking about the workers, yeah but the economy is not strong when there is no work, no pay increases and everything is getting too expensive.

  3. Adam & Alan,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for leaving a comment. That’s always a great source of encouragement and it’s deeply appreciated.

    Kindest Regards,


  4. In my eyes oil is a cancer that has only grown larger and larger over the years. If we do not do something soon to treat the cancer, then it will devour us completely.

  5. Guy in the box,

    You’re right! I never thought about it like that. This is a PERFECT analogy.

    Kindest Regards,


  6. Thank you, good luck on your surgery. I hope you will recover quickly.

  7. Oil is a cancer? I’m ROFL. What about electricity? Is that a cancer? What about water? We’re more dependent on water than oil. Is water a cancer? I’m ROFL.

  8. More seriously, I agree that we need to be looking for alternatives to oil. But whatever we come up with to replace it will take on the same importance and someone will be calling that a cancer. The world will depend on oil for its energy for many years to come no matter who becomes president. Oil is more like an addictive drug than a cancer.

  9. Hi Carson,

    I appreciate you stopping by. Regarding your comment to “Guy In The Box”…I agree with you that we as a nation are addicted to oil. (Guy’s analogy was brilliant) However, much like cancer, oil’s influence has spread to so many avenues of our lives with little cure.
    Oil is in every aspect of our lives, and now overwhelmingly concerns our national security.

    People need to drive many miles to work each day. There are very few mass transit systems. We can conserve our resources by driving slower, but we are still tied to inefficient vehicles that have been marketed to consumers. Many houses still use home heating oil. Americans need leaders who will move us into the 21st century, with new solutions. We have not addressed the need to cut out this cancer; instead, we continue to speak about needing more oil. Why did we not follow the suggestions of Pres. Jimmy Carter, who spoke in 1979 of our over dependence on oil? Oh, I know that is because those words made us feel weak and ineffectual. we needed Morning in America, Ronald Reagan’s pitch for a stronger America, and along the way, we lost the need to conserve.

    I hope that alternative solutions such as solar power and wind will not have the deleterious effects of oil. As such new solutions would not be regarded as a cancer.


  10. Do you still write for the Post? I haven’t read it lately, since moving out here to the boonies!!! But I am learning much from your posts!! Thank you!!!

  11. WOW! You did a real slam dunk on this post. I read one of your article on BET. You have covered such a variety of topics. Definitely, you are a very gifted communicator. Keep writing, informing, and bringing us relevant news. It’s appreciated.

  12. Hey I just saw your comment, sorry about not replying sooner. I am glad you got out of the hospital safley, even though sorry you did not get what you wanted.

    Yeah my angel (girlfriend of 2 years) goes to college in Savannah, I try to go down their as much as I can. It is a very beautiful city.

    Thx for defending me too 😀

    To Carson:
    I know we need oil and everything, just saying we are addicted to it. We need to find other means of power. Currently using atomic plants seem the best idea, even though I know it has it problems with radiation waste.

  13. Guy,

    Thank you for stopping by again. It’s deeply appreciated.

    You said to Carson:…”Currently using atomic plants seem the best idea, even though I know it has it problems with radiation waste”

    This is an absolute FACT. In my post titled…An Interesting “Vetting” Comparison”…I mentioned that my hubby at one time had a postion within the US Dept of Energy and worked at the Nevada Test site. The waste of toxic products are more of a problem than most are aware.

    Kindest Regards,


  14. I am not interesting 😀 They just call me crazy! Heh, just kidding; I got the song stuck in my head again. I wish their was a reply to a comment option in wordpress. Would make it easier to reply!

    Yeah, radiation really does really stink, and makes you sick. But none the less it is a bit better than polluting our world. Well I guess it still pollutes. This is what I don’t understand, living in Georgia we get a lot of sun. Why do the roofs not contain solar panels. I know their expensive, but if the government would put more research into it they might make it cheaper. Rather than spending billions of dollar to make their pockets bigger. Or we should do it like in Futurama, take all the trash and radiation and shot it into the sun!

    I don’t remember much of Germany, it been a while since I been their. I did visit it for two weeks when I turned sixteen, but other that that it is a blur to me. Many people say it is a very beautiful country. I wish I could go back! Even though a lot has changed over the years.

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