Posted by: michelle2005 | October 4, 2008

“Gov. Palin Won The Debate”…RIGHT!

How is that for a headline to the public on a day when our country looks for leaders?  Today Republicans everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that their candidate for Vice President was able to answer questions in complete sentences that made sense. In addition, on how she was able to take the attack to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  Nevertheless, what did Gov. Palin actually offer that was so radically different from the path that we now find ourselves?  




What was not made mention is how often Gov. Palin chose not to answer simple straight forward questions to issues that matter to the American public.  The debate format different from the presidential format essentially promised to allow Gov. Palin to reiterate talking points with little accountability to answering the actual questions asked!  In addition, Gov. Palin stated that she would not follow the format of the debate, instead choosing to “talk straight to the American people.  Towards the end of the debate, Gov. Palin reiterated her preference for speaking directly to the people without the “media filter.”




The next morning giving an interview with Fox News Gov. Palin indicated the difficulty with the interview with Katie Couric “you get clobbered anyway you answer the question.”  Really, answering a question regarding your position on an issue gets you clobbered.  Let’s see asking Gov. Palin questions on her knowledge of issues and US history gets her clobbered regardless of how the Gov answers.




How did this woman ever write a college level paper defending her position on anything?  All major candidates have answered questions of the nature that Sarah Palin has been asked.  Joe Biden has given 90 interviews since his nomination as the Democratic VP candidate




Later during the Fox News interview, Sarah Palin stated that she wanted Ms. Couric to ask her questions that “she” felt the American people wanted to hear.  In other words, this whole attack on the media and the so-called “filter” is to facilitate Gov. Palin’s use of talking points and using the media to produce a massive stump speech with a large audience.    As American citizens we should demand more than this!    A journalism major who can’t name a single newspaper or magazine? A VP candidate who can’t name a single Supreme Court decision?                                                          



Alaska is not a microcosm of the whole country.  Trying to get Sarah Palin to understand this is like trying to describe an ocean to someone that you know has never seen anything bigger than a mud puddle!  Just as the photo on this post is a fairy-tale…to suggest Gov Palin won the debate is, indeed,  a fairy-tale.









  1. I posted above your post that also listed this site. In a question/answer crticle Kathleen Parker gave a better accounting of her views on Sarah Palin, impart becuse of the respinse from many of us middle Americans who were insulted by SP’s act during the debate. I see what appears to be a revolt of Americans towards the Republican Party as a result of the Wall Street meltdown. Disregarding the appalling act of SP during the debate and anything McCain, the runup to the elections are taking on a life of their own. People are agngry at this adminstration, they are angry at being lied to about Iraq and McCain’s campaign is suffering because of that anger.

  2. Leah1946,

    Thank you for taking the time to not only read this post, but for leaving a comment.

    I appreciate your input, and agree with what you said regarding the anger people feel at this administration and being lied to.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. I find it insulting to the American people when a candidate DOESN’T answer a question. It tells me that the candidate doesn’t care about me or respect me. Sarah Palin is insulted us by refusing to answer the questions. We don’t need her kind as VP. Had enough with the Bush/Cheney Regime.

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