Posted by: michelle2005 | September 29, 2008

“You Need To Consider The Issues!”

Oh, what a sad state of affairs we have awakened to find our nation experiencing.  The deep divisions that exist in our country cannot be easily healed, while the current administration’s leaders fan the flames.  Calls for bipartisanship are really asking one to vote against his/her party, not true compromise.  Each side is diametrically opposed to the other, leaving no room for such a maneuver.





I espouse to a view, which is rooted, in my Christian beliefs.  Others who are Christian hew to a polar opposite view.  I do not attempt to bludgeon my Christian neighbors with my viewpoint.  I seek to understand other views so that I may have a better grasp of the issues.  I believe that thinking this way presents me with a well-rounded understanding of the issues.  I try not to fall victim of the increasing drumbeat to do something just because everyone of one party or the other is emphasizing the need.  Note that while this drumbeat is getting louder both sides are vilifying each other.  Epithets are thrown at each other, no one is listening!





Polls show that the vast majority believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Lately we have fallen victim to exactly the kind of thinking that has gotten us to this position.  We have decided that we need to be able to relate to the candidate.  The more the candidate appears to be like us the more likely we are to give them our votes.  I do not need to tell you what happened the last time we as a country used this formula.





We should not be deciding who should lead us based on the same criteria we used to vote for student council president.  The decisions that the next president makes will likely outlive everyone reading this monograph.  I know that there are historical considerations for both parties, but that is not a reason to vote.  Think of the issues.  Where do the candidates stand, the leader we need choose is not the one who once promised to have longer lunch breaks! 




Due to the fact I have studied the issues and weighed carefully the things I hold dear, is the reason I fully support Senator Obama…but those of you that have been reading the things I write are already aware of this fact…and “why” I think as I do.  My only desire is that voters know the issues for themselves, then vote accordingly.  That’s one of the greatest treasures of our great nation…we all have a part in electing our officials!










  1. Anyone who has seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite will remember the character Summer’s student council speech.

    Summer: Well, I never thought I would make it here today. I would make a great class president because I promise to put two new pop machines in the cafeteria, and I’m also gonna get a glitter Bonne Bell dispenser for all the girls’ bathrooms. Oh, and we’re gonna get new cheerleading uniforms. Anyway, I think I’d be a great class president. So, who wants to eat chiminichangas next year? Not me. See, with me it will be summer all year long. Vote for Summer!

    One of your prior posts was right to the point, let’s vote for the Smart Guy for a change!

  2. With our latest Republican VP candidate the sheeple have tears in their eyes beause Gov. Palin is a woman, but what does she bring to the table?

    Why would anyone vote against their economic issues, why would anyone want to prolong the Iraq war? That’s what a vote for McCain/Palin will produce. This election should not boil down to a popularity contest. At McCain rallies people leave after Palin has spoken. Does anyone really think that one can jump from Mayor of a small town to Gov of a state with a huge budget surplus and a small population to Vice President that quickly? Listen to the words this candidate repeats over and over, it’s as if she is reciting talking points with little confidence in her delivery. That should bode well for her this week since the regulations of the VP debate make talking points all the more important, there will be litttle time for rebuttal. Gov Palin will be able to spout all sorts of rhetoric with impunity.

    What does the decision to put Gov. Palin on the Republican ticket indicate about Sen McCain’s judgement. That he would put someone so ridiculously partisan and naive into power while calling for change, wow that is too cynical for me!

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