Posted by: michelle2005 | September 22, 2008

“Pets, Pets, and More Pets!

This photo is of JennyShe was coming out of the bathroom with both her front paws wet.  At first I couldn’t tell how they got wet…until I looked in the toilet.  She always lays one of her toys on her Daddy’s toilet seat (which is always down!) after he leaves for work…this is his “clue” which toy she wants him to toss her once he changes clothes after work.  However, this evening the toilet seat was up!  She dropped her ‘pink dog baby’ in the toilet and was trying to get it out.  She is three and weighs all of 14 lbs….she’s our “Big Girl” now. The story I wrote “Observations of Life From A Three Year Old:  Sheltie”…let’s you see through her eyes the domestic abuse we went through.  That story is on this site.

 I got an email from someone just a few minutes ago.  This individual gave me an idea to post “pet photos”.  So, this is just for fun.  I hope it gives you a good laugh!  There’s no way I can fit all the photos I want in one post….but I want you to see some of my “Fur Baby” nieces and nephews….and of course, my own little Sheltie (Jenny)


  The little one in the “Pepsi Box” is Jenny. Yes, she has a regular dog crate to sleep in, but she prefered this until she outgrew it.



These three “Ladies” are all sisters!           This is one of the “Sisters” in jeans!  










 Jenny’s first Christmas





 Joey…English Springer Spaniel



 This little fawn I found in the backyard                       


This is Jenny’s horse                        friend,   Dakota.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



  1. wow! these are some CUTE animals. i have two dogs. but they are big but still cute.

  2. My family has a springer spaniel! They’re AWESOME. =)

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