Posted by: michelle2005 | September 14, 2008

Dick Armey…Represents The “Bubba Vote”



Why does former Representative Dick Armey fan the flames of racism…while hiding behind a half-hearted condemnation of racists?  These people are the “Bubbas” whose votes Mr. Armey stated would put John Mc Cain in the White House.  Mr. Armey in his words returned to the attitudes of the “Jim Crow” south.   Perhaps, Mr. Armey would prefer we  get the fire hoses out again…that would suppress the vote! 


Mr. Armey needs to renounce the thinking of people whose beliefs are reflective of the atrocities we witnessed on the streets of places like Birmingham, Selma, Jackson, Greenwood…Neshoba County, MS…etc., etc., etc.


 The below article was found in USA Today, September 3…


 Former House majority leader Dick Armey said Wednesday:


“The Bubba vote is there, and it’s very real, and it is everywhere,” Armey told USA TODAY and Gannett News Service. “There’s an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man.  (Note to Mr Armey…giving God’s blessing to racists is reflective of the “Jim Crow” south!)

It’s deplorable, but it is real,” said Armey, adding that he believes “Republicans would not encourage” such prejudices. He said the “Bubba vote” is “invisible” in pre-election opinion polls, because voters do not admit they would oppose a candidate because of race.

The “Bubba vote” is shorthand in politics for white, working-class voters who often live in rural areas — a group Obama did not dominate in state primaries.

Armey said Obama’s “funny name” — a phrase the Illinois senator uses himself — could “give people concerns that he could be or has been too much influenced by Muslims, which is a great threat now.” Obama is Christian. (Note to Mr Armey….Why would you utter these words unless it was to put doubt into the minds of people?  Senator Obama has stated his Christian background. You’re adding credence to a lie and impugning a man’s character.)

“These are handicaps he has that translate into real-number outcomes,” said Armey, an architect of the “Republican revolution” that won the House majority in the 1994 election. The Texas congressman retired in 2003.


“We just disagree” that race will be a factor in the election, said Obama campaign spokesman Nick Shapiro. Voters’ “top concerns are a lot more about which candidate is going to help their families and strengthen our economy than some politician’s prognostication for the election.”





In closing Mr Armey needs to remind himself of this FACT:  “WE hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr




  1. Ugh we gotta face it, race will be a factor in this prez race. Bubba vs the King’s Dream. Oi!

    Oh and regards to my cat- she’s been knocking things down left and right…phones, balls, CDs, lamps, you name it! Any thoughts on getting her to just “chill”? I know it’s in their nature…but then there’s the random bitings and running around and on top of furniture.

    Thanks for finding me again!!

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