Posted by: michelle2005 | September 12, 2008

“Palin’s Pinocchio Problem”




It has now been one week since the Republican Convention ended.  What do we really know about John McCain’s pick to be Vice President… Gov. Sarah Palin? What do we know about Sarah Palin’s reform credentials?   Scrape away all the glitter of the stump speech and check out the facts.




  • Sarah Palin hired a lobbyist to gain earmarks ($27million) while Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska
  • Sarah Palin actively campaigned for the “Bridge to Nowhere” until it was politically unpopular
  • Alaskans under Sarah Palin’s  tutelage as governor receive more in earmarks per capita than the national average
  • All this “reform” while Alaska is awash in Oil Revenue with a 5 Billion Dollar Surplus.





It would appear that the only reforming Republicans are considering is the re-forming of  American opinion that John McCain and Sarah Palin are ready to reform American government!



You cannot reform wasteful spending until you address the 10 billion dollars that we spend each month reforming Iraq!







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