Posted by: michelle2005 | September 6, 2008

“Mission Accomplished”…NOT!

Quite awhile ago I left a comment on someone else’s blog.  This single comment drew in well over 100 emails.  There was really nothing I desired to add to the comment, until Sen Mc Cain chose Gov Palin as his VP choice.  Of course, it’s been said that she wasn’t his first choice, this would indicate that this “maverick” has someone that’s effectively pulling his string. 


Those that know me, are aware of my admiration for Sen Mc Cain.  Yet, the John Mc Cain that once was…appears to have morphed into a someone else hardly recognizeable.  Personally, (this is only my opinion) his “choice” of Sarah Palin was unwise.  Sen Mc Cain himself, said, “she was vetted for hours”.  HOURS!  Are you serious?  Take a look at the post I wrote…An Interesting “Vetting” Comparison.


Below, you can read the comment I’d left for someone else.  It’s more relevant now, than when it was originally written…



You asked the question if Christians should/would vote for Senator Obama…was disturbing.  I have spent almost three decades in service to the Lord as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator & Educator for First Responders. This put me into numerous nations and across four continents.

I was a staunch Republican ever since I was old enough to vote. I don’t mean Republican with only my vote, and finances but I was able to arrange my furloughs to actively campaign for Bush BOTH times. This is a major regret I have.

When I moved back home…it was to a nation that was hardly recognizable.  Then VP Cheney says he’s not part of the Executive Branch of Gov’t…everyone that didn’t tow the party line in the Department of Justice Department is gone…numerous help programs have been gutted, billion dollar bailouts to unregulated companies. A war in Iraq that had absolutely nothing to do with 911. Anyone have an idea of exactly how much this war is costing? TAKE A LOOK! Not to mention the multitude of foreclosures, skyrocketing health care cost, $4+ a gallon gasoline, etc., etc., etc.

Remember when we were told we should not buy pharmaceuticals from Canada because they may not be safe? Yet, many of our medicines are  now made in China…anyone pay attention to all the recalls? Not to mention the toys or pet food, etc.   Plus the fact that China has purchased a huge amount of debt that the US owes.


Have you heard of Halliburton or BlackWater? Do you know the meaning of ‘conflict of interest’. How about the USA going into Iraq and getting rid of their entire standing army. Ever wonder how these folks manage to feed their families. Before you say that I do not understand…I was in the Middle East for EIGHT MONTHS.  Not military, but as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator in conjunction with two other agencies (both were from other Middle East Nations)

Anyone remember Bush making that speech that as soon as Saddam was toppled…we’d be out of there and the US had no plans on building an embassy? Remember Bush standing on that ship announcing to the world the war had ended…”Mission Accomplished”. How many have died since the “war had ended”? How many traumatic brain injuries to our men & women in uniform, since the “war has ended”?

Oh…then there’s Phil Gramm that says we’re a nation of whiners in the midst of a “mental” recession. This is outrageous…which is most likely why Mc Cain is distancing himself from Bush.

Ask yourself; are you better off now than you were eight years ago? What about the folks that are still suffering here from Hurricane Katrina? What about all the wild fires in California? What about all the flooding and tornados that has taken place right here in the Midwest. Well guess what? Our governor said we needed the National Guard…however; the number needed is NOT available.

Can you guess WHY they are not available? Large numbers of them have been deployed to both Afghanistan & Iraq.

Folks in my immediate circle of friends (ministry) have known me for over three decades. My life has always been an open book…however…when I returned to the USA permanently and saw all the drastic (negative) changes. I began to ask questions of those I trusted.

They all, without fail, let it be know that the present administration has fallen asleep at the wheel. Then when I said, I would no longer support the Republican Party…I was told I must “not be a true Christian” if I did not vote Republican. This let me see that they are controlled by what others (ministry) think, if they dare to do, say, or think differently than the way they have been told.

Two individuals asked me very ’specific’ questions. Yet, when I began to answer one of them, he flew into a rage…which is the reason I began my own blog. I felt it safer to address him in writing, rather than face-to-face. Even his wife agreed with me on this. (Moreover, he is a pastor!)

There are dozens of other reasons I fully support Senator Obama…what I’ve written to this point, has barely scratched the surface.


Folks we have been down this road before.  We were in and endless war.  And if our government had been truthful (See Gulf of Tokin Resolution)  we would not have continued to fight in Vietnam.  John Mc Cain would never have been captured and tortured for over five years.


Responsible government does not create unnecessary heros!















  1. Thank you. I am SO glad people are waking up to the senselessness of this war – – AND it’s costing us TRILLIONS of dollars too.

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