Posted by: michelle2005 | September 5, 2008

“How To Recognize A Terrorist Sign!”

  Study carefully each photo!  According to some sources, this is a “secret terrorist sign”!  Can you imagine, some actually thought this was a ‘secret sign” known to terrorists!  Now, I understand about the “decoder ring”…able to reveal secret messages.  Of couse, the “decoder ring” came from “Ovaltine”.


The thing we must all beware of is the fact that this now, known, secret terrorist sign is being taught to others.  As you can see, the ladies on the “View” must also be terrorists since this photo verifies they did the “fistbump”.  They, obviously, were unaware the cameras were still rolling.


The thing that was so scary, is that the “View” is a national TV show…and this “secret sign” went out into the homes of millions.  Does this mean it will create more terrorists…or that the terrorists will better be able to recognize each other?


Look how this has crept even into the area of sports!  The photo below is evidence that proves it has inflltrated the “All American” sport of baseball.  What next…football?  Since hockey is my favorite sport…I’m going to be on the lookout against any inflitration into my beloved game of hockey.


As a matter of fact, earlier today I did a post called “A Hockey Town Family”.  That post was written in response to Gov Palin saying that the only difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom…is lipstick.  Of course, this statement is not true…and bordered on the ridiculous.  Later it was said that it was a joke.  Right!


Well, I hope this information has given you some insight into this new “terrorist sign“…and that you, too…will be able to recognize it when you see it.  When you spot these terrorists…be sure to call your local authorities.  The “fistbump” is the official name of this “secret terrorist” sign.


Kindest Regards,


Michelle  🙂




  1. Yeah your right, I believe it was ‘Little Orphan Annie’ brought to you from the ‘good folks’ at Ovaltine…

    Least that’s what they said in ‘A Christmas Story’ when Ralphie was listening…

  2. Sandworm

    YEAH! You’re right. I knew it had to do with “Ovaltine”…but didn’t remember any more than that. Thanks for the reminder…however, I now want to go out and rent that DVD. I love that movie 🙂

    Kindest Regards,


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