Posted by: michelle2005 | September 5, 2008

“A Child’s View of Who Should Be President and VP”

  There have been several different things I’ve heard from children regarding the campaigns.  However the most commented on is the RNC.  This could be due to the fact that they are currently the topic of all news stations….or the fact that children often are aware of things adults cannot see.


My nephew’s son told us that “Snoopy and Woodstock” would make a good president and vice president.  However, the most rational idea came from my friends nine year old granddaughter.


Her granddaughter said that, “Cindy (Mc Cain) and the other lady should be president”.  When asked why she said that…she replied, “Because they have nice nails and pretty hair.”  Personally, this appears to be on the same level of logic as the RNC.


Yet, one of our little neighbor girls said that “Only people with puppies should be able to vote.”  I said that’s not fair to all the people that have kitties.  She said, “That’s OK, I’m allergic to kitties.”


Well…there ya go!  This has been about par for the course regarding this election cycle coming from the mouths of the children that I’ve been blessed to talk to about their view on the political process.


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