Posted by: michelle2005 | September 3, 2008

“It Is Still A Toxic Mix”

A few weeks ago I did a post titled “Religion and Politics: A Toxic Mix”.  This post is more relevant today than it was then due to the Republican VP selection.  I have received numerous emails asking what I see ahead should this ticket win the national election.  My views remain the same.  I still see it a toxic mix. 


It was also suggested I ‘repost’ my text.  Of course, it can easily be viewed in my archives…yet, ‘reposting’ it will bring additional readers…for which I’m grateful.  To those of you that suppose you understand the reason for my point of view…take a look at other posts.  You’ll see my view is based on decades of experience, as a one time (very involved) Republican,  both here and across four continents.



This post is a paraphrase of something I had recently read.  It was the most rational, well thought out viewpoint on religion and politics I had ever heard.  It’s my desire that after you read this you, too, will come away with a more logical understanding. 


Attempting to mix religion with politics is the wrong way to serve God and the people.  First and foremost because religion is a discipline of faith that has nothing to do with the material needs of a city and country, and politics is a science concerned with the objective reality of a people and not with their spiritual beliefs.

For some Christians this may sound like a good idea, but for the beneficiaries of this political ruse, it is nothing other than good business, something that does not necessarily favor the Christians.

Voting according to this religious orientation has cost the country more than three trillion dollars in an endless war in Iraq, the deaths of more then four thousand American soldiers (about 1000 more than died in Sept 11), and the almost complete collapse of its economy.  It’s cost Iraq tens of thousands of lives and the destruction of the country and it’s future.

Historically, one of the causes of the Arab nations’ misfortunes is precisely the mixing of politics and Islam.  They have tried to run their countries with the teachings of Mohammed, at times administering their faith with political interest, which degenerates into eventual plundering of the public purse, and in other instances administering their political interests using the Islamic faith, which has led to fanaticism and backwardness.

Americans should understand that a politician is not elected president in order to lead a church or to impart doctrines of faith.  A politician is elected in order to govern, and governing means managing the administrative apparatus of the State to meet the material needs of its citizens, while the spiritual leaders of the country are purely religious leaders.  Those who are good Christians are not necessarily good at governing, and those who govern well are not necessarily good Christians.

Hopefully the USA won’t fall into the same trap as some of the Arab nations.

It appears that all the bickering back and forth has done exactly what it’s intended to accomplish…create chaos, suspicion and mistrust within our own camp.   As long as folks are caught up with trying to “one up each other”…we will never move forward.






  1. Love this it’s exactly what I was saying earlier at

    IMHO the most important thing Jesus taught was acceptance and tolerance for other people and that our job was to make our best efforts at improving ourselves not everyone else and being hypocrites.
    Will drop you a link in that recent story, people need to realize whats going on and stand up for change!

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