Posted by: michelle2005 | August 30, 2008

“Why Punish Yourself?”




To all supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton, who now vow to vote for Senator John McCain… I understand your disappointment, for surely Senator Clinton would have fulfilled both the promise of a new and better day, and become our first woman president.  We all know that Senator Clinton would have made an excellent president, she promised universal healthcare, greater opportunities for the middle class, protecting a woman’s right to choose, affordable college tuition, respect of the constitution, the environment, and our military men and women.  She worked to end the war in Iraq bringing our brave soldiers home, and to improve the United States standing with the rest of the world.  Senator Clinton has proven to be a tireless fighter for all Americans not just those favored by the Republican Party.





The issues listed above were why 18 million people voted for Senator Clinton.  Accomplishment of these goals that she championed would have greatly improved our quality of life, would have given our children a tremendous future.  Now after nearly eight years of a presidential administration that only cared enough about Americans to win an election, that only reached out to the half the country… there are some fervent Senator Hillary Clinton supporters who would seek to effectively punish themselves.





These people felt strongly about the issues Senator Clinton championed, they wanted out of the war in Iraq, Row V Wade left untouched, higher wages, affordable tuition for college, a cleaner environment, affordable healthcare, and equal pay.  How can we ever get these goals when the possibility exists that Senator McCain would be able to appoint three justices to the Supreme Court?  When McCain professes not to understand the economy, how will this help while Americans struggle to fill their gas tanks, put food on the table and manage to keep their homes?  Your vote will punish Americans and take our great country on an irreversible course that later candidates will have difficulty improving.





During her speech on Tuesday, Senator Clinton mentioned the woman suffering from cancer who cannot afford healthcare and had Senator Clinton’s name written on her baldhead.  She mentioned the soldier injured from the effects of the war who asked her to never forget his fellow soldiers in Iraq and later not to forget him. 





Tell me do these people deserve to be punished?   If you vote for McCain, you are punishing Americans.  Senator McCain has not made any of these goals his own; he believes that the market will come to our rescue.  The woman above will be on her own, and so too would the soldier and his buddies.  In addition, all who would vote for Senator McCain would be on their own. 







Consider this analogy… Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are Democrats pledged to the same issues, they belong to the same team.  Championship auto racers also have teams, you would never see a NASCAR driver offer his ride to a rival on another team so that opposition could win the race.  Both Hillary and Barack are running the same race against Senator McCain.  Why would either offer their vehicle to John McCain?





  1. The Democratic Party is clearly a private MEN only club,so you ladies “get lost”

  2. harddriller…thanks for the much needed laugh! I only hope that those that read this particular post “get it”. I wish you’d have left your blog site address. After a comment like you left, it’s obvious you have a terrific sense of humor and I would have liked to read the things you write.



  3. I have a blog here at wordpress,but you might not like a lot of my stuff.

  4. It was very kind of you to respond…and your honesty says a lot about you! I’m guessing your comment is based on some of the things I’ve written that you may have read…and if so…I’ll trust your judgement.

    Thank you for letting me know

    Kindest Regards,


  5. This post is one of the most accurate, concise arguements for the Obama/Biden ticket I’ve read.

    Your analogy using the championship racers is brilliant. This was so new, that it caused me to read most of the other posts you’ve written.

    The ideas you’ve laid out on other topics, and your life experience are compelling. When you said coming back to the US was like landing on another planet it made me laugh. I can’t imagine having been gone so long only to come back to a nation that’s changed so much.

  6. Good job

  7. Great Blog


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