Posted by: michelle2005 | August 24, 2008

“An Unexpected Life Lesson”

The story below is true.  It was sent to me by a friend living in a western state.  It let me see that we can all learn from every circumstance and situation…if we only look!



Many years ago, I was living in Tigard Oregon.  One day I was talking on he phone to Jerry, my ex when my Mom’s boyfriend, Allen, came knocking at my bedroom door. I said a quick “C’mon in” as my thoughts were steadfastly on my conversation with Jerry.


Allen at that point came in and handed me a jar. As I continued my conversation I remember staring at the jar and was wondering by now, what was I looking at? As I looked closer, I recognized that it was the old pickle jar we kept on the back counter down stairs.


This jar held the left over used chicken grease, from the night before. At bottom of the jar was a very tiny dead baby mouse.  It looked as if it was only a few days old. As I looked closer I realized that the tiny little mouse’s handprints…resembling human handprints, were etched on the inside of the pickle jar. Not just a few…but actually hundreds and hundreds. Up and down, up and down.


That baby mouse tried and just could not make it out of that jar. Do you know how sad I was? To this day, I carry a sense of guilt for that little mouse, as I understand his quest. Something I have tried to follow. Survival of the fittest is all we have and with the “LORD’S” guidance, we will perhaps, run into the mouse, also in Heaven.  We all have our purpose.





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