Posted by: michelle2005 | August 23, 2008

“A Friend That Was No Friend At All”

The story below is true.  It was sent to me by a friend.  I changed the names, and locations to protect the privacy of my friend and her family.  It was, truly, a life lesson in remaining cautious with newcomers. 







The monsoon skies have drifted by for the evening.  It is just gorgeous, nice and calm. I love nights like this. I mentioned to you the other day that throughout my life I have been exposed to different happenings and an assortment of people.  Some situations and people good…some not so good.




It was nothing out of the ordinary for me to befriend a person who wasn’t really what I would consider ‘friend material’. My life, at that time, was somewhat limited to any extracurricular activity other than Karaoke.  Since Karaoke was a trend at that time, my ex-husband and I enjoyed the karaoke scene on Friday and Saturday nights.  We always planned for karaoke exposure.





It was through the karaoke scene that I met Eleanor and Jeff.  Eleanor was the singer…a wonderful singer.  Jeff was a heavy drinker.  Eleanor’s looks tricked your mind.   She weighed at least 325lbs and her red, scarecrow fibered hair…was attached to a nice smile.  I remember thinking “The Lord sure didn’t hit her with a pretty stick!”   I even thought how sad to look like that.  Then I realized my bad attitude and apologized to the Lord for thinking like this.




The next few weeks Eleanor and I found ourselves a bit more than merely karaoke friends. However, now she and Jeff were living on our property.  They decided to buy a small travel trailer of ours that we had for sale.  Jeff was a retired Army man.  He was 32 years younger than Eleanor. The next few weeks went by with everything in motion and all going well. 




One day my son mentioned he thought Eleanor was a “certified nut case”.  He never went any further about his comment or her actions. I even remember saying “Tommy, that wasn’t nice.” As I remember thinking her ‘loose life style’… definitely left something to be desired. Jeff’s pension from the Army was hefty, yet, Eleanor’s lifestyle was heftier.   I felt sad for him and mentioned it frequently to my family. Other than the Friday and Saturday Karaoke Nights that Eleanor sang she really did not do anything else… absolutely anything.




She was hooked on card games and wanted to play ridiculously too much.  She would actually become angry when we were finished playing for the night. Other than this there was not much more I knew about Eleanor.  I know she loved smoking pot and spending Jeff’s money.  Two months later, I was to find out more than I would ever want to know!




One day I was doing the breakfast dishes about 9:30 in the morning.   I had already cleaned the morning coffee pot but saved a cup for Eleanor. She walked in as usual and fixed her coffee.  She used lots of cream and sugar.  Then she sat down where she normally sits.  I had my back to her as I was still cleaning the sink.




All of a sudden, Eleanor said, “Karen, I’ve had something on my mind for a while now and I’m not quite sure how too tell you.” I remember looking over my left shoulder and answered, “Well, spit it out girl, why the shit have you been keeping something from me?” Well as she continued, I do not know how I kept my cool. She said” Well, Karen, I am an escaped convict from the Georgia State Women’s Prison.”  I remember right then sprinkling scouring powder all over the sink and quickly round and round and round and round. I did not quite know what to do as my mind was racing very fast. My words froze and I was stunned.  She asked me what I thought.   I said, “Oh is that it?”





She then stood up to leave.  She let me know that she and Jeff would be over later for dinner.  I was asked what I was going to prepare.  I answered, “Fried chicken”.  I remember kind of hollering, “Fried Chicken!” So now, by this time I am just freaking out. I thought, “What the shit did I get myself into and how was my-ex and children going to take this!”




Just before she walked out the door, she said “Damn asshole, I told him I’d kill him one day.  He should have listened to me. I beat him to death and put his body in the trunk”. After a moment I asked” What did you do with his body?” She looked at me with those beady eyes and said, “The son-of -a-bitch started stinking as it was summer time in Georgia”. She looked so; cool faced walking out the door.  Then said, “Do you know how hot it gets in Georgia during the summer?”   I shook my head no and she said, “Well that is how they busted me the S.O.B.started stinking”…and out the door she walked.





I was thinking, “Oh shit,oh shit what am I going to do?” At that moment, my-ex walked in like usual and asked me how my day went.   At the same time handed me our mail that he had picked up during lunch.  As I started opening our phone bill I continued, gingerly, relaying to him what Eleanor had told me. It seemed at the exact same time he and I started babbling. He said, “What the doot,doot,doot da doot did you just say?!”  I said “What the F—, where did this phone bill come from?”  It was a new phone bill with the explanation that it somehow had gotten lost in the mail and they need payment upon receipt or the phone service would be disconnected.   





For the second time that day, I freaked out. I mean I really freaked. It took a minute to calm down; I decided to call some of the numbers that were on the bill. I was “not surprised” that I contacted the front desk to the motel Eleanor and Jeff was staying when they came to town. It is crazy because at that exact moment…Eleanor walked in with that hungry appetite and said, “Hey I’m ready to eat”.





I just looked at her and said,” Did you steal my phone card out of my possession when you drove up to this town?” On the other hand, in clearer terms “Bitch, did you rip me off?”  I was so angry. She quickly departed the house.  As she was leaving, she shouted, “Oh,let me go get Jeff. We’ll come back to better explain ourselves.” In a few minutes, we heard that old loud truck of his start and take off at a fast rate of speed.





As much as I do not like saying it publicly, I called the police and I did not feel the least bit guilty.  I heard she had finally been picked up.  She had gone to a local merchant and tried stealing from her, too.  Her time finally ran out.  But for my phone bill? The phone company in my county said the previous bill in which I was ripped off could not be dismissed.   They told me I would have to bring Eleanor to trial.  Well, I am certain the state of Georgia has a good hold of her now.  They are not going to let her out any time soon to clear up my matter.  Who wins in this “He said, she said?”  Sure was not me!   Still to this day, it angers me.  The “system” too, but oh well…







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