Posted by: michelle2005 | August 15, 2008

“No, Gridlock is Never Good!”


The photo to the left allows you to clearly see that “gridlock” is never a good situation.  You go NO WHERE fast.  An individual that my hubby and me have had conversations, has let us know that gridlock is favorable. He is a fool.  He also knows about this blog.  We let him know that I’m creating a “special post” just for him.  So, Greg…this one’s for you.


The principles of a Constitutional Republic require discourse.
Gridlock prevents any real dialogue.  While the Republicans were in control of Congress, they removed Democrats from joint House-Senate committees. Bills that were originally agreed upon in good faith by the Democratic Party were subverted in conference to favor the Right. Later when such Bills were shown to be ineffective, the Republicans argued that Democrats voted for those Bills. No Child Left Behind ever looked like the Bill President Bush signed when it was voted on in the Senate. Secondly, Representative Hastert refused to consider any Bill that did not originate from a “Majority of the majority.”  When did the founding fathers determine that the minority party was to be a doormat, completely disregarded?


This ongoing dichotomy of red vs. blue, Republican Party vs. Democratic Party, blurs the blended reality of our country. A University of Texas at Austin psychologist has noted that “Political conflict in which the majority imposes it’s will on the minority without listening to minority opinions does not fit the definition of effective discussion…and the effects of this form of political disagreement are not at all beneficial.”  When you use labels such as “Demo-Socialist”, you are falling into the same trap.  Transformative learning requires “listening”, and measuring the pros and cons of all sides.  


The Republican Party has failed to do this.  When the minority party used a time honored Senate tradition of a filibuster to implement the party’s Constitutional right to advise and consent of judicial nominees, my “former” Republican party threatened to disband the option to filibuster…since they could not get their way. This does not demonstrate sound principles… period.


You continue to insist that I could never have been a staunch Republican. Truth be told it would be much easier for me to offer criticism if I had not been a Republican. It grieves me that I have given so much of my time and financial support to the Republican cause, while the GOP betrayed the compassionate conservative agenda that President Bush campaigned.

You are a being disingenuous when you suggest, “Corporations are just groups of American citizens who’ve pooled their resources to create something to trade with others voluntarily.” Just how did this happen that landed Gentry were deeded vast sums of land through the principle of “manifest destiny?  I suppose that was just a group of people “pooling their resources.” Even today with their vast sums of money, the “Citizens” interests are favored over anyone else.  

Recently the Supreme Court, stocked with Republican appointees, ruled that once six months have elapsed pay discrimination no longer is illegal.  This all happened because of Republican thinking. As a woman, I find this an affront to my intelligence.

Earlier you asked why we would vote for Senator Obama…it is due to the fact he is encouraging discourse and not “gridlock”.  













































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