Posted by: michelle2005 | August 7, 2008

“Don’t Touch That Skunk!”

Tanner was a gift to me about two years ago.   He was your typical gray with yellow marked Cockatiel. Our neighbor, Ken gave him to me even over Les’s initial objections.  He had a litany of reasons why we did not need a bird.  However, that did not stop me from accepting this wonderful gift!



I found my way to the local feed store.  I wanted to buy Tanner a cage and some toys.  Les and Tanner eventually became best friends.  When people would see the life style Tanner was enjoying, they would all remark about how spoiled he was.  He was spoiled with love.  That always left Les and me with big grins on our faces.   Yes, we knew they were right.


Can just imagine how wonderful Tanner’s life was from morning until night?  If you could, then you would get a better picture of his “Birdie Paradise”. The inside of our house was like the inside of his house. It was a very large cage fully equipped with all the wonderful things necessary to a bird’s world.


Right out the door and in the tree was his outside cage. It was bigger than the inside cage and decorated differently.  It was a normal style of an outside birdcage. Les of course, said this was done asTanner was now his bird!  That was not very accurate since he still used his outside cage…his “official” outside birdcage.  We also had an outside bird feeder that looked like a house.

Since we kept Tanner’s wings clipped, he just hung out with all the other birds that would come for a quick bite and splash of water.  Sometimes he would walk on the ground.  It was great to watch. I have to say though, that about three months ago a skunk that had become somewhat of a pet had eaten Tanner. I met the skunk two years ago.  Previously when I smoked cigarettes, I was out late one night having a smoke. A baby skunk had come up and licked my foot.



We are not sure how that skunk planned his attack.  Yet, I tell you, I cried oceans of tears over Tanner’s death. The memories I have of Tanner now are how lonely he would become while downstairs. He would manage to get out of his cage. He would do the birdie wiggle walk toward our bedroom upstairs. He would take a couple steps at the end of the bed and make his way up and perch himself upon my head.



Once he had gotten that far, he would start patiently trying to get one strand of my hair. He would gingerly swipe it through his tiny beak.  It may seem silly, but I will always have a tear for Tanner. I can see him in birdie Heaven… still spoiled with love as he was with us.  I sure miss him. Do you know, I quit my job over that little guy, but that’s another story.


This life experience was told to me by a very good friend that lives in a western state.  She is very gifted at painting “word pictures”. 



















































  1. I am so sorry about Tanner – he lived a wonderful life – he was a lucky little bird to have found you!! We have cockatiels, and other birds. They have a room to themselves in our house-Tromeo, his wife Juliet and remaining daughter. Just remember, they are angels on earth and in heaven.

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