Posted by: michelle2005 | August 2, 2008

“Where’s Our Objectivity?”

Those that read my words usually feel one of two ways, agreement or revulsion.  My question to you is how much time elapses before you have made a judgment:    One minute, half hour or an hour.  A nanosecond is the more likely answer.  We already have formed a mindset and in many ways have lost all objectivity.


How for instance can everything one political party espouses be completely correct and the other so wrong?   For many it is impossible to understand how the other party derived their opinion.  I would like to add that it is one thing to disagree, which is a respectful position.  It is another to condemn those who would advocate a different viewpoint.


How did we go from being civil to one another to calling each other traitors, mentally ill, or just suggesting that those of whom we disagree should commit suicide?  My guess is that we have all too some extent been played… taken advantage of by those who control our information.  Does anyone really think that we could survive as a country if there was not an opposing view?  Without dialog how can improvement occur?



Here is a hypothetical to ponder: Suppose you are the captain of a ship running in dense fog, your rudder is broken, and you do not trust the compass.  Meanwhile if everyone on board is telling you what a great job you are doing, is it true that you’re doing a great job?  Would you not want someone to have a voice that says, “Hey we’re turning in circles?” 


With a loss of objectivity, that person is no longer available.  You see, in a society that always vilifies that opposition you may find yourself going nowhere.  Transformative learning involves being able to examine all facets of an issue, not just those of which you agree. 





  1. I’m at a different PC so am having to log in differently. I have no clue why I cannot get to my normal login…anyway…there were several ugly emails accusing (concerning THIS post) of a direct slam against the RNC.

    I at first, allowed them to be posted…later decided to remove them as they were caustic in nature.

    How anyone could come to such a ridiculous notion is beyond me. This post is totally bipartisan! This post was also placed in numerous other location on the web…yet, it was ONLY here that such an a response was said.

    It’s left me shaking my head.


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