Posted by: michelle2005 | July 28, 2008

“Molly’s Letter to Her Grandma”

Dearest Grandma,



You sent me a card!  No one has ever sent me a card before…except once.  Mom got a congratulations card when I arrived from Louisiana (but that doesn’t count)).  Mom said she would put my card in my “History” book.



I was yelled at one day last week because I took too long to walk into the house from the backyard.  (I know I always walk somewhat slow…but no one realized the unusual slowness was ‘cuz I was sick.  I was very  sick and didn’t know “why”.)



Grandma, I was so sick that I had to have surgery!  Mom said that Uncle Joey had surgery too.  My doctor said that I would still need to be watched.  Mom noticed a lump (the size of a quarter) next to my incision…and it should not be there.  Therefore, she will have to call the doctor, and I had a fever of 102.6.  I still gotta take those little green pills and I hate them.  Mom puts them into my mouth then holds my mouth shut.  She said she could only do this because my face is so long.



My doctor said my surgery was a hysterectomy.  I said, “What is a hysterectomy?”  Mom told me it is when your uterus is removed.  I just said, “Oh, I didn’t know that”.  Of course, I didn’t tell her that I didn’t know what a “uterus” was.  I didn’t want her to think I was dumb like Katie.   Later, I decided to ask Mom.  At first I thought “hysterectomy” was a sort of food because it sounded like a pizza topping.



When I began feeling a little better, I asked Mom “What is a hysterectomy?”  She said the same thing my doctor told me.  Therefore, I asked, “What is a uterus?”  She told me that it is something girls have in their bodies.  I then asked her, “Well, what is a uterus used for?”  Mom told me that since I’m only nine years old, that I was too young to know.  Grandma, I thought if I was old enough to have it removed then I’m old enough to know what it’s used for.  Don’t you think so?  If you do, tell Mom to let me know…she will listen to you.



I’ve had several days to think over the conversations I’ve had with Mom.  Mom always told me, “If it weren’t for you, Molly…we wouldn’t have Katie”.  Now, I’m beginning to think that my uterus has something to do with Katie, but I can’t figure out the connection.



Katie is a girl, too.  Does she have one of those things, too?  Oh, but you know what?  Katie had her toenail pulled off and I think her uterus spilled out.  Since Katie has always had such a sensitive stomach, she throws up a lot.  Do you think she could have thrown it up?  I saw her throw up something very ugly a few months ago.  Do you think that could have been it?



I can’t get over how much time has past since I began this letter to you.  It’s taking extra time ‘cuz Katie wants to push some of the keys, too.  If I don’t let her, she will go crying to Mom and tell her that I hit her or something.  I don’t want Katie to start a fuss…if she does, Mom may not allow us to use her typewriter.



Oh…by the way, the dog on the card you sent had on the neatest pair of “Reeboks” I’ve ever seen!  Will you ask Mom to buy me & Katie a pair?  She’ll listen to you.   Grandma, we love you a lot a lot a lot!



From Your Four-Footed Grand Dog,



Molly Rene




The above letter was written to my Mom decades ago…and several years before I began my career outside the USA.   Back then letters were sent by “snail mail”.  I meant it as a joke, for her eyes only.  However, she took it to the clinic where she was employed.  She let some of the other nurses read it…without telling them it was from my Collie. 





She told me as they were reading, there were several that said, “Oh my!  She’s only nine years old”.  Others thought I was the worst Mom in the world for holding Molly’s mouth shut while trying to administer her medication.   Once they reached the end…my Mom said they were hysterical with laughter.





To those of you that take the time to read the things I post, it would mean a great deal to get some feedback from you!  The photo above is Molly on the left and Katie on the right.















  1. this is beyond adorable

  2. Gigi

    Thank you so much for your comment! I just NOW got this posted, and noticed a “typo” & tried to edit it when your comment arrived. It was a huge boost of encouragement. It was much appreciated.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Hi Michelle, I was just thinking ‘gosh… when she gets older, i don’t think Molly’s going to appreciate her mum sharing about this on the internet’ then I saw who Molly was. This is so hilarious!

  4. Sharon,

    It appears you had the same initial reaction as the nurses that worked at the clinic with my Mom. Reading your comment caused me to laugh out loud! The funny part is…my Mom got Molly some boots…as there were no “Reebok’s” for dogs 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback. I appreciate it very much.


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