Posted by: michelle2005 | July 27, 2008

“Jenny’s Night Time Antics!”


Jenny with her "Blue-Bunny Baby"

Jenny with her "Blue-Bunny Baby"

April 2008 a very unexpected earthquake hit, here, in the midwest.  I have a little Sheltie.  It was about 5:10 AM Eastern time and her unusual behavior woke me up.  Her actions so bewildered me, that I emailed my husband who was away at the time.  No sooner did I finish the email, and the earth began to quake.  It was all very surreal

My friend is Jenny’s veterinarian.  I contacted her a couple days after this event and told her of Jenny’s strange behavior prior to the earthquake.  She let me know that was quite normal, as animals can ‘sense’ a shift in the earth before we feel anything. 

Later, I spoke to my friend who raises exotic birds.  She told me that about 5:15AM all the birds began squaking at the same time…and that’s what woke her up.  My sister, too, had the same experience with her two miniature Chihuahua’s. They began barking and within a few minutes jumped from the chair up onto the table.  Prior to this event, they have NEVER gotten on the table!

Below is a copy of the email I’d sent to my husband, just minutes before I felt the earthquake.  The approximate time of the earthquake was 5:36AM Eastern time.


Hi Honey,

I went to bed a couple hours ago.  However, as soon as I got all comfy…Jenny decided she wanted to play.  I was in no mood to play!  I was laying on my tummy, facing the bedroom door…she decides to park her face right on the back of my neck.  I tried to ignore her, thinking she’d eventually give up.  

 Well I was wrong.  She did not give up.  Her face on my neck and her mouth right ON my ear.  She proceeds to TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK!!  I turned around to face her…and she put her ‘blue bunny baby’ in my face.  Next thing I know, she jumps off the bed and starts running around the table. 

This was odd behavior even for her. She was determined that she was going to get Momma to play with her.  So…we played paws, we played chase, we played with the teddy-bear, we played with the little horse, then she goes and gets “big bird”…but then remembers she has a bunny with a rattle inside.  She jumps back on the bed and gets that blue bunny with the rattle. So…I had to throw that bunny back and forth…back and forth so she could jump up and catch it.  Then she spots her black & white dog baby…picks it up and takes it under the table (this is my “cue” to come and “find” her). 

There I was saying, “Oh my!  Where’s my Little Jenny?!?”  She gets so excited,  she runs out with the dog baby in her mouth and JUMPED up into my arms without me encouraging her to do so.  It caught me totally off guard and I fell backwards onto the couch…she thinks “OH BOY A NEW GAME!”  She starts barking and shaking that dog baby from side of side. 

Finally, to get her to “chill out” I put the leash on her for a bit…and she at last began to settle down.  Good grief…it’s as if our dog works third shift!


Don’t forget, I’ve got that appt set for tomorrow at the hospital.  When I get back home, I’ll call.  Until then, be reminded that I love you…and Jenny misses you, too!


I’m glad I saved this email.  Since this event, I’ve been contacted by numerous friends telling of similar experiences with their own pets the night of the earthquake. 


Next month is Halloween here’s a photo of what she’ll be wearing…





  1. I’ve heard of this with animals having a seventh sense, but am so glad I’ve never seen it first hand because then I would have had to be in an earthquake and I don’t want that, at all!

    Your pup is adorable … Clover has a an old stuffed toy called “Blue Dog.”

    Enjoy your day!

  2. That’s a neat story. I’ve heard that as well, that animals seem to sense when some kind of disaster is sbout to take place. Jenny is very cute.

  3. Twobarkingdogs & Michael,

    I appreciate your comments. It’s always such an encouragement to get feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Kindest Regards,

    Michelle & “Jenny”

  4. I laughed my a@@ off reading this. Your humor prompted me to read everything else you’ve posted. You sure know your stuff. Damn!

    A debate with you would probably have me crying in my beer.

  5. Hi Michelle, I too was in ministry at one time. After going through some extremely difficult life circumstances, it caused me to re-think a lot of things.

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