Posted by: michelle2005 | July 19, 2008

“Obama in The Cross-Hairs? I Don’t Think So!”

I want to apologize to those of you that were expecting me to do the next post on pets.  However, I read something a while ago that was more than a bit off kilter.  Rather than leave a lenghty comment on this person’s web site, I decided to write my response here.


The post had to do with Charles Krauthammer, yet, the individual writing the post phrased something regarding Senator Obama that I found a bit odd, he said ***”…he (referring to Charles Krauthammer) has Barack Obama sighted directly in the cross-hairs of his scope.”***


This is my reply to this individual:


Once again, some of our most enlightened individuals have chosen to listen to the words of those who oppose the truth.



In America, we have this incredible dichotomy RED vs. BLUE. Oddly enough those who now

proudly champion their war credentials polish up their “John Birch Society Letters”,

cry foul over censuring McCarthy in the 50’s (Anne Coulter et al.)  NOW DECLARE

THAT THEY ARE RED!!  Imagine that, I guess they don’t remember their own

“Better dead than red” slogans!          




Orwell stated our enemies today are our allies tomorrow. He wrote that post WWII, transposing the year 1948 for the title of his novel 1984 and what have we now?  Charles Krauthammer noted neoconservative unapologetic champion of the Bush Doctrine complaining that Sen. Barack Obama has done nothing of substance, has only been in the senate for three years and is too vain to be our commander in chief. 



Where was Mr. Krauthammer when George W. Bush was running for office?  What unique qualification did George W. Bush possess?  Does anyone ever read the news anymore?



George W. Bush did the following:


Ran several oil companies into the ground, and amazingly each time he was bought out by another oil company who put him on their board, his lack of business acumen notwithstanding!



Then he managed to parlay a small portion of the total investment to buy the Texas Rangers baseball club. The majority owners moved George W Bush to be the visible face of the ownership.



During this time, he helps secure by eminent domain the property on which to build a new stadium and parking lots. The sale of the team netted George W Bush a small fortune… several million dollars.



For this economic gain and recognition he won election as Governor of Texas. This man had hardly been out of the country, did not know the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia! Mr. Krauthammer championed this ICON?!?



Now he sees vanity in his opponent, and feels he must tell us all. Why did he not tell us about all of GWB’s issues with inexperience, and lack of foreign policy experience?



I am just guessing here, but I will bet it’s because George W. Bush is a Republican and so is Mr. Krauthammer.



Let’s see. Senator Obama, well he’s got to be defeated so lets point out the not so obvious distortions of reality.  Let me add this final point. There is nothing objective about using a known subjective shameless shill for one’s opponent to bash said fellow.  Mr. Krauthammer is not a neutral source. 





  1. michelle: Sorry, but you don’t get to keep the word “eclectic” for yourself – – nice picture on your blog site, by the way. Krauthammer has been praised and condemned, depending on one’s viewpoint, as a “liberal,” a “conservative,” and a “neoconservative.” He is one of those rare columnists who has managed to cheese off everyone at some time or another. He has worked in various capacities with Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and George W. Bush. He is pro-Bush concerning the Iraq war, but opposes Bush in many other areas. He supports of legalized abortion; opposes the death penalty; is a critic of intelligent design theory; and opposed the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. I think his views qualify as “eclectic.” Perhaps you think that because he is critical of Barack Obama, he is in league with the Republican Party; I seriously don’t think so. Krauthammer means what he says, says what he means, and is never dogmatic. My kind of guy.

    Because you were kind enough to invite me to your site, I am pleased to invite you to mine – – although, I must caution you, this might not be what you want to hear.

  2. Jay1949,

    You’d always be welcome here. I’m not exactly the type to shy away from someone just because they may have a different point of view. Having lived outside the USA for so many years…I’ve had to work with a lot of folks that I didn’t agree with…but we had one common goal.

    Personally, when there are obvious differences, I’ve found it best to look for the things we could all agree upon. Another thing I’ve learned along the way, was to never hide under the shadow of someone else’s opinion … I can see you have adopted the same attitude…and I respect that.

  3. For my part, I will be happy after it is all over. At least for a while it will be. Then I can blog about Retrievers more than obscure political and economic theory! 😀

    Where, over seas did you live, and for how long if I might ask?

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