Posted by: michelle2005 | July 11, 2008

“The Lights Are On…But Nobody’s Home!”

Again, I’m choosing to publically answer someone that addressed me, yet, when I tried to respond… I ran into a brick wall of arrogance. 





Gerald said:  “The only thing I can think about is that racist and

USA hater Obama and his wife are; not to mention his lies and

poor judgment. And, the liar and deceitful person Hillary is.”


No presidential character in either of the two losers!”



My Answer To Gerald


Another “educated” individual.  Oblivious to the obvious.

And the Republicans are beacons of hope?  Did you know that any and

all speeches are available to view in their entirety?  Try reading

these for yourself, rather than spout rhetoric you’ve heard.  It

would allow you to appear less foolish.


Do you realize the next president will inherit more problems

domestically and abroad than any president since Johnson… 4000 dead

US citizens, over 50,000 wounded, an Army that failed to admit to

closed head injuries, $3000 a SECOND for a war that seemingly appears

endless, hundred billion dollar bailouts of unregulated investments

houses and the resultant foreclosures on homes of a multitude of hard

working people through no fault of their own…due to predatory

lending practices.  (Many did qualify for conventional loans but were

steered into ARM).  What ever happened to the “truth in lending act”?

Ask yourself, Gerald, are you better off now than you were 8 years

ago?  I didn’t even touch on rising health care cost, energy or

tuition.  You really want to lay your lot with someone that wants to

continue this?  Are you ready for more of the same.


To my shame, I actively campaigned for Bush in both 2000 (although from overseas) & 2004 elections.    This is something I’ll always regret.  It’s not the pin on one’s lapel or the amount time one invokes patriotism & love of country that determines a good leader…it’s the substance behind his/her words.








This was something I’d written to Gerald a couple months ago.  Of course, since then we have $4+ per gallon gas, and food prices that are going through the roof.  And by the way, a roof is something most are having great difficulty keeping over their heads, thanks to the predatory lending practices that are causing a multitude of good, hard working folks to lose their homes due to forclosures in record numbers.


Then I get up this morning and read that Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm has dubbed the United States as a “nation of whiners in a mental recession”.  This man has a doctorate in economics?!  Where has he been that he sees our nation as one of whiners in a “mental” recession?  Is the disconnect that severe with those at the top?  Evidently it is!  Of course, this is Senator Mc Cain’s economic advisor.  Will he soon become his “former economic advisor”?  It appears Senator Mc Cain is trying to distance himself from Gramm, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. 


EXCUSE ME, but the price to keep ones home, purchase food, utilities, tuition and gasoline (all of which are necessities)  is not ‘mental’…but a reality.  Let’s get a clue here…we are not having a “mental recession”…it is in fact reality! 


Yet, nothing really surprises me anymore…especially when VP Cheney said he was not part of the Executive Branch of government.  I want to yell…IS ANYONE AWAKE?  It appears the “powers that be” have fallen asleep at the wheel and “fiddled while Rome burned”.


As the title of this post suggests…THE LIGHTS ARE ON…BUT NOBODY IS HOME!






  1. This is only the second time I’ve visited your site. The things you write have me rethinking long held beliefs. My wife reads what you write too. What you say makes more sense than anything we’ve heard in years.

    Someone asked you if you’re in politics. Are you? I hadn’t seen you address this question. We wish you would. If you’re not a politician, you must be one bright citizen of our bruised nation. You have a way of breaking things down so damn easily. My kids could understand the things you say. We mean that as a compliment

  2. Ethan,

    No, I’m not in politics…although I’m a political junkie! Thank you for stopping by my site.

    I had to laugh when you said, “You have a way of breaking things down so damn easily.”

    Basically, that’s the way I process information…by breaking it down into ‘bite sized pieces”. That way, no one can wonder what I’m talking about. Like you said, your kids can understand it. I wonder why those that claim superior knowledge have such a difficult time…


  3. Hello,
    Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. Much appreciate it.
    Weird. Just drilled through a cable in the wall and sit in the dark (no light but the plugs are working). And, I get to your “electric blog” and the “lights are on” – is that coincidence?
    Best Wishes

  4. Wow…my adreniline just went up.

    I would normally try and defend Obama with remarks like the one up there….but when people start basing the opinions they want to form, off of spin and rumors…it kinda lets you know the level of their brains capacity…and then you realize talking to them would be a waste of time…

    Someone told me today ..well Ill rewind..I got an was about obama and it was forwarded thru many people before getting to me..I saw a comment in it that the person said they were comingaround to Obama but not their yet. So I got this strangers email addresss and took it upon myself to offer them any help understanding the candidates. I told him that if he had ANY ask me..If I didnt know..I would find out…

    So his reply to me was ” feel he is a smooth talking hustler. Try to disabuse my mind of that!!”

    The reply kinda pissed me off cause why in the world would you identify a presidential candidate…as a hustler? I think all presidential candidates have to be somewhat eloquent..isnt that a good thing? When I think of hustlers I think of black pimps…but ill try and steer from assuming that he sees the same thing in Obama

    Anyways..I responded with this:

    I never offered to “disabuse your mind,” but I can answer any questions. Perceptions are your own thing. You can always look at some of the CHANGES he has made in the democratic party since being the nominee (lobbyist money, 50 state red to blue, etc)..or you can compare him to 4 more years of the mess we have been in since Bush was in office, because that is what Sen McCain has to offer. Only he has changed his postion so many times its hard to keep up with his policies. I know he wants to continue the war in Iraq, even though Iraq has requested us to leave. Obama wants the war to end within 16 months. McCain wants to give you an annual 5000.00 deductable in your tax return for medical care. Obama wants universal health care, or cheaper rates with your employee provided care (your choice). Obama, while in 2.5 years as a Jr senator has sponsered and co sponsered 606 pieces of legislation you can find here:

    And McCain in his 21 years in senate has only sponsered or co sponsered 127 pieces of legislation.

    Also right now, in Iraq, we have more soldiers dying from suicide related to PTSD then we have soldiers dying in combat. The army is not treating the soldiers that are fighting, nor the vets that have been discharged. Obama is working, right now, to guarentee benefits to all soldiers that are suffering. Also McCain thinks our problem with our economy is mental. McCain also has Klan affiliates working for his campaign.

    So whether you are in full support or choosing the better of 2 candidates..there is alot at stake.

    “Smooth talking hustler” is a far cry from reality when you research the things Obama has done in senate, as well as a cmmty organizer. The intentions he states he has for our country, are backed up by his actions.

    So again..if you ever have any questions about policies, or positions. Ill be more then happy to answer them for you. here are some reference links for you

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