Posted by: michelle2005 | July 1, 2008

It Was Not A “Flip of A Switch”!

This is a public response in answer to a few questions I’d been asked awhile back.   The individual that had asked questions of me, was never really interested in sincere political debate.  If that were true, he would not have continually  flown into a rage when he discovered I did not agree with him on everything. 
It was not a “flip of a switch” (regarding my departure from the Republican Party) as you suggested…it was a slow process over many years.  Your type of thinking leads to the gridlock that prevents Republicans from seeing anything but tax-cuts, war, cuts for social programs, education, hand-outs to insurance companies in the name of health care.  We both believe in welfare. But it appears that yours is the corporate kind.
I feel sorry for you, that you would assume to know how we think…to do so, further validates my point that most of our former political party do not listen.  This is exactly the type response I received after I had engaged a Bush protester (just prior to the 2004 election)…I was denied reentry into the rally that I was personally invited. 
Transformative learning is the ability to look at both sides of the issues.   A person grows and develops when they begin looking out and weighing what they have seen.  A result of this growth is that a person can change their alliance when confronted with the reality of the policies of one’s former political party. I followed the Conservative bend and therefore have backed Republican candidates because they most closely matched my Christian upbringing. My conviction was so strong that my chosen career was as a Humanitarian Relief Coordinator and First Responder.  This allowed me entry into numerous nations and across four continents.
I have witnessed these past eight years the inability of the Republican Party to see anything but corporate greed. Their polices have hurt the very type of people that I’ve spent years brining aid and comfort.  The attitude that “It’s my paycheck and my taxes that I want back”…cuts short the Christian principal of helping others.  If Republicans claim to be the Christian Right, why would they take money away from the least of our bothers/sisters?
I don’t buy the line that it’s up to the individual and not government to care for the poor. The lines at the food pantries are getting much longer…not shorter as was promised. Unmitigated corporate greed has “not raised all boats”, while the rich captains of industry have reaped unparalleled profits in the midst of a recession. “Average CEO salary 474 times that of the average worker”.  The average CEO makes more in 6 hours than the average worker makes in a year.
These are not the Christian principals that I signed up for when I first registered with the Republican Party.  Don’t tell me that the free market works for everyone. Since now, deregulation had led to $4+ gasoline, sub prime mortgage crisis, corporate scandals, airlines not properly inspected; improperly inspected pharmaceuticals products coming from China (remember when we were told we couldn’t import drugs from Canada as they wouldn’t be safe?)  
You said that I didn’t answer all the questions you asked me…I didn’t know I needed to… just to make a statement…but since you asked,  the above are a few observations I’ve made.  Remember that R.W. Emerson said “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”.   I’ve carefully weighed things out…and can no longer abide by Republican Party policy that promise Christian principals such as defending the life of the unborn, while neglecting those that are already born.

Prior to the election of 2004, I was only home for a mere few weeks.  Imagine my surprise when I did return home…my own nation had changed so dramatically, it was hardly recognizable.  The one thing you were absolutely correct on is that I can no longer, in good conscience, follow the Republican Party platform.

I trust that this has given you a bit more understanding of where I am concerning the issues you brought up.








  1. This blog is incredibly accurate.

  2. Alison,

    I appreciate your comment. Thank you!


  3. You shouldn’t have your politics set in stone, they are going to change, just like Thomas Jefferson’s did, that’s pretty good company to be in.

  4. jmarchelewski

    Thank you very much for your comment. It’s such an encouragment to get feedback.

    Actually, my political views aren’t “set in stone”…as one that understands well ‘transformative learning’…there is the ability to learn and grow. My life has been one of continual change.

    Kindest Regards,


  5. I agree, its as simple as this, people tend to vote their pocket books, most start out liberal(for social programs student loans healthcare etc etc..) then as those liberal programs actually work, they move upand become conservative (because now that they make money they dont want to pay taxes for the programs that helped them move up, then they get older and become liberal again as their failing health makes healthcare and medicade more of a concern, plus after their employer looted their pentions social security becomes a motive to return to the demacratic party.

  6. Mortalez,

    Thank you for your response. It’s always such a delight when I hear back from those that have been kind enough to take the time to read what I’ve written.


  7. Simply amazing blog. Like another person has already stated, perfectly accurate. If you’re not in politics, I’d considered it. You have a perspecitve that is both fresh & exciting.

    I’ve been around the block a time or two and I can honestly say that your ideas are vastly different than any I’ve heard in decades.

  8. Mitch,

    Wow! That was quite a compliment you threw my way. No, I’m not in politics. Although, Constitutional Law & Politics have been a passion since I was a teenager.

    This passion kicked into high gear when I moved back to the USA. When I got back, our nation was hardly recogizable. It was as if someone feel asleep at the wheel and fiddled while “Rome burned”. I was stunned how vastly different things became after Bush was elected. The thing that causes me great regret is that I was one of those that helped the RNC…but NO MORE!


  9. You are a brilliant lady. Too bad Washington no longer listens to sound, reasonable advice. Have you sent any of your ideas to the press?

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