Posted by: michelle2005 | June 27, 2008

“I Extend Greetings To You!”

This blog will be dedicated to a whole host of topics.  One post may be on politics,  Civil Rights, the next may be on domestic violence, maybe living outside the nation of your birth, how to resolve relationship issues, pets and their care, etc., etc., etc.  Of course, with my love for writing and music…there are sure to be posts written on these topics as well.   I also enjoy sports…so there will surely be a post on that topic as well.   However,  my greatest love is the Lord and my beloved husband.

I suppose you can already see that I have a wide array of interests.  When I decided to finally start this blog, I was told “You’ll need to select “a” specific topic that your blog will deal with.  Well, there was no ONE topic that was more interesting to me than another.  Then I was told that if I had numerous topics, it may not draw many readers.  Yet, my knowledge of people has taught me they are most definitely not “one” dimensional!

It’s my desire that those of you that take time to read this blog will, please, leave a comment.   It’s a great source of encouragement to receive your feedback.

Best Regards,




  1. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog tonight…you know, I love the word “eclectic” 🙂 it describes my musical tastes for sure…and like dkmommy said…”Welcome to the blogosphere”….I’ve met some very special people in the year plus that I’ve been blogging..I’m sure some of them will definitely wander over to your blog now that you’ve left a comment on mine…

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for the visit to my site and the wonderful, wonderful comments you left there. You certainly sound like a soul I can relate to. I intend to hound your blog and just seeing the world through your eyes would be a rare gift.

    So allow me add my voice to the others and say welcome!

  3. I want to thank those of you that have been kind enough to leave a response. This is an enormous source of encouragement. I’m very grateful!


  4. I definitely appreciate the comments you have made over at the blog I write for.

    And I agree that there is no need to stick to any one topic, other than what is interesting and compelling to you. I write when I have something to say, and that is the only consistency I can claim with the writing that I do.

    You have a compelling perspective that you are bringing online. One thing that is really drawing me in about what you write is your description of the reactions to your ideas by people in your community.

    I think that there is an important narrative unfolding here and I look forward to seeing it develop. So congratulations on starting your blog, I will be sure to check in when I can.

  5. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving those lovely comments. I look forward to reading through your posts, they seem so intresting…so yay.

    Like you, I don’t have just one topic I have many and I also think I have an amazing extended family that have all touched my life in a wonderful way. So I would like the world to know about them.

    Also just to have wonderful stories that are full of love, hope and happiness out there, because I think the world needs as much positive energy as we can give. It’s such a beautiful planet we live on and s I think sometimes we all forget and take it for granted.

    Anyway, thank you again Michelle.

    Smile and together we can change the world.


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